Passage Reading Comprehension with Question and Answers

We are going to cover English Quiz Questions with Answers Quiz (Passage Reading Comprehension with Question and Answers) or English Grammar Test Quiz with Answers. Main Purpose to cover the English is to help those students who can’t buy mock tests for regular exams and for competitive examinations. these English questions are asked in many exams like Bank exam, UPSC exam, SSC exam, CAT, SSC, RBI, LLB, SBI, RRB, LIC, DRDO, NABARD, SEBI, many more Entrance Exams and for school exams class 1-12 also.

NOTE: Be carefully during selecting Answers because we shuffle the answer options for more concentration so, Be Active. All the Best

Directions : In the following questions, you have one brief passage with 3 questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

Reading Comprehension Practice Test Answers | Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers pdf

Passage 1

In the evening we decided to pitch camp as the weather was not encouraging. The wind was high and gathering storm clouds predicted a wild wet night. Moreover, we had arrived at a spot which looked promising for a camp. A level expanse in the lee of a high hill afforded some shelter from the wind; fresh water was near at hand in a stream which flowed across the plain; a copse of trees provided adequate supplies of fuel, and the dry grasses which abounded on the hillside would enhance the comfort of our beds. Each member of the party was allotted a task. Some erected the tents; others prepared a scanty meal; yet others attended to the needs of the ponies that were now exhausted after a very strenuous day. As the angry sun sank, the bustle of activity was hushed into silence and each man settled down to sleep.

1. As the weather was not encouraging we decided to:

(a) Set up the camp

(c) Extend the camp

(b) Pack up the camp

(d) Shift the camp

Ans. a

2. The camp site looked encouraging because :

(a) It was sheltered by some trees

(b) The dry grass would provide fuel

(c) We had been promised that spot

(d) It was level and sheltered

Ans. d

3. The day had been very:

(a) Exciting

(c) Boring

(b) Tiring

(d) Comfortable

Ans. b

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