What is Computer? | Computer Science Quiz

What is Computer Computer Science Quiz

What is Computer? | Computer Science Quiz: In the modern world, computers of all shapes and sizes are all around us. With a mouse click, we can utilize them to send or receive data from anywhere in the world. Today, we may use our computers to send emails, watch television, play games, work on business data, listen to music, view video lectures, and perform a plethora of other tasks. Today’s computers come in a variety of sizes and designs, including desktop, palmtop, laptop, PDA, and more.    

What is Computer?

A computer accepts information (in the form of digitalized data) and manipulates it in accordance with a program or set of instructions that specify how the information should be processed. The person who enters the data into the computer to produce the desired outcome is known as a programmer.

Our lives now revolve mostly around computers. You can use a computer to find out information on the booking of tickets (for aircraft, trains, and movie theatres), a person’s medical history, books in a library, a location on a map, or the definition of a word. You might be shown the information in the form of pictures, text, video, etc.

Benefits of Computer

There are many benefits of computer which are mentioned below:

Benefits of Computer Science Degree (Education)

The use of computers as a tool and an assistance is widespread for the purpose of teaching. Computers are used by teachers to create notes and displays of their talks, etc. Development is done using computers using computer-based training programs to offer remote learning e-learning software is used, as well as online tests. Computers are used by researchers to easily access conferences and access to the study materials on a worldwide scale and journal information.


Computers have significantly changed the entertainment sector. The user can download and watch movies, chat, play games, reserve movie tickets, utilize multimedia to create movies, use computers to add visual and audio effects, and more.


A computer can be used to develop games, play games (such as chess), enhance games, and watch games. They are employed in player training as well.


Computers are effective marketing tools. A product review by a different consumer can be uploaded, along with advertisements that can be seen on many websites and emails. Additionally, commercials with both visual and audio effects are created using computers. Computers are a medium that gives advertisers access to global ad viewing. Almost all businesses now consider web advertising to be a key component of their marketing strategies. In actuality, web advertising is the main source of income for Google’s business strategy.


Computers are used by medical professionals and researchers to retrieve information on new medical discoveries or to consult with specialists throughout the world. Computers are used to store patient medical histories. Computers are a necessary component of many types of high-tech medical devices, including MRI, CAT, and ultrasound scanners. Medical surgeons can also get help from computers during complicated surgical procedures like laparoscopic procedures, etc.

Engineering and Science

Computers are used by scientists and engineers to execute difficult scientific calculations, to design and create drawings (CAD/CAM programs), as well as to simulate and test designs. Computers are used to visualize three-dimensional objects, store complicated data, and execute sophisticated calculations. Without computers, intricate scientific applications such as space exploration, rocket launch, etc. would not be possible.


Computers are used by the government for both e-governance and the management of internal operations. Users can get information on the websites of the various government agencies. Computers are utilized to pay taxes, file tax returns, submit online water and power bills, access land record information, and more. Computers are used by the police department to look for criminals using fingerprint matching and other methods.

The Basic Computer Science Questions and Answers Multiple Choice are given below.

Basic Computer Skills Quiz

1. Where (place name) does computers added and compare data (Data comparison)?

(a) Hard disk
(b) Floppy disk
(c) Memory chip
(d) CPU chip
Ans. d

2. Which generation (from 1st to 5th) of computers are covered by the period 1964-1977 ?

(a) First

(b) Second

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

Ans. c

The word “computer” usually refered to the Central Processing Unit plus

(a) External memory
(b) Internal memory
(c) Input devices
(d) Output devices
Ans. b

Which of the following belongss to the first generation of computer ?

(b) IBM 1401
(c) IBM 8090
(d) UNIVAC L Valves
Ans. d

What hardwares was usedd by first (1st) generation computers ?

(a) Transistors
(b) Valves
(c) VLSI
(d) ICs.
Ans. b

Computer Quiz Questions

A typical modern computer uses

(a) LSI chips
(b) Vacuum tubes
(c) Valves
(d) All of the above
Ans. a

A computer program consists of :

(a) System flowchart
(b) Program flowchart
(c) Algorithm’ s written in any computer language
(d) Discrete logic step
Ans. c

Which device can (could) produced the final product (output) of machine of machine processing(computer processing) into a form usable by humans ?

(a) Storage
(b) Input device
(c) Output device
(d) Control
Ans. c

Which could read data and convert them to a form that computers can use ?

(a) Logic
(b) Storage
(c) Control
(d) Input device
Ans. d

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