Cloze Passage | Cloze Passage Exercises

We are going to cover English Quiz Questions with Answers Quiz (Cloze Passage | Cloze Passage Exercises) or English Grammar Test Quiz with Answers. Main Purpose to cover the English is to help those students who can’t buy mock tests for regular exams and for competitive examinations. these English questions are asked in many exams like Bank exam, UPSC exam, SSC exam, CAT, SSC, RBI, LLB, SBI, RRB, LIC, DRDO, NABARD, SEBI, many more Entrance Exams and for school exams class 1-12 also.

NOTE: Be carefully during selecting Answers because we shuffle the answer options for more concentration so, Be Active. All the Best

Direction : In the following passage some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blank with the help of the alternatives given.

Cloze passage worksheets pdf | Cloze passage with multiple choice answers | cloze passage with answers

There ..(1)… in the city of Ujain a poor tailor …(2).. Ramphal. As he was very poor, he ..(3)… to live and work in one little room with his wife and ….(4)…. three small children. The children fought …(5)…. each other and made so much noise.

1. (a) lived

(c) inhabited

(b) stayed

(d) existed

Ans. a

2. (a) famous

(b) named

(c) known

(d) titled

Ans. b

3. (a) wished

(c) had

(b) liked

(d) wanted

Ans. c

4. (a) few

(b) a few

(c) their

(d) some

Ans. c

5. (a) to

(c) for

(b) upon

(d) with

Ans. d

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Cloze Passage | Cloze Passage Exercises | Cloze Passage with Answers

New York’s tllest building is the Empire Stte Building, which stnds on Fifth venue, New York, between 33rd Street nd 34th Street, It ws …(1)… on the site of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and took 410 days at the rate of 4 1/2 floors a week…(2)… Complete. T building was opened on 1 May, 1931 by remote control, wh.n President Herbert Hoover…(3)… a button in Washington DC. The Empire State Buidling towers 381m above ground and measures 443.2m to the top of the TV tower. A further 16.7 m is below ground. The spire on top was designed as an airship mooring mast, but after a German airship, the Hindenburg, burned at its mooring mast in New Jersey in 1937, the mast was ..(4)… used. For more then 40 years, the Empire State held the…(5)… as the world’s tallest office or apartment building.

1. (a) building

(c) built

(b) erected

(d) build

Ans. c

2. (a) from

(b) into

(c) for

(d) to

Ans. d

3. (a) prest 

(b) pressed

(d) press

(c) pressing

Ans. b

4. (a) frequently

(b) often

(c) always

(d) never

Ans. d

5. (a) record 

(b) title

(c) position

(d) place

Ans. a

Those who are in the habit of remarking on such matters must have noticed the …(1)… of an English landscape on ..(2)… The clacking of the…(3)…, the reguarly recurring stroke of the flail, the …(4).. of the blacksmith’s ..(5)…, the whistling of the ploughman, the rattling of the .(6)… and all other sounds of …(7).. labour are suspended. The very dogs bark less …(8)… being less disturbed by passing …(9)… At such times I have almost…(10).. the wind sunk into quiet.

1. (a) sound

(b) sense

(d) quiet 

(c) quite

Ans. d

2. (a) Sunday

(c) a dry day

(b) Tuesday

(d) Monday

Ans. a

3. (a) hill

(b) bill

(c) mail

(d) mill

Ans. d

4. (a) don 

(b) done

(c) din

(d) dirt

Ans. c

5. (a) hammer

(c) scale

(b) axe

(d) scythe

Ans. a

6. (a) horse

(b) mare

(c) car

(d) cart

Ans. d

7. (a) city

(b) town

(c) urban

(d) rural

Ans. d

8. (a) littel

(c) frequently

(b) least

(d) rarely

Ans. c

9. (a) transits  

(b) trustees

(c) trams

(d) travellers

Ans. d

10. (a) gleaned

(b) glued

(d) glanced

(c) fancied

Ans. c

All forms of art have developed from religion (1) religious services. This is also true (2) writing poetry developed from the (3) sung in (4) of the early Gods, or from incantations sung (5) bring rain or victory in battle. Plays (6) from the dances (7) in (8) of the Gods. The novel has developed from the stories. (9) about the Gods. A novel is a story that is based (10) real life.

1. (a) and

(b) or

(c) but

(d) yet

Ans. b

2. (a) in

(b) to

(c) of

(d) with

Ans. d

3. (a) songs 

(b) lines

(c) rhymes

(d) words

Ans. c

4. (a) worship

(c) praise

(b) memory

(d) appreciation

Ans. c

5. (a) together

(c) alone 

(b) to

(d) which

Ans. b

6. (a) developed

(b) evolved

(c) came

(d) wrote

Ans. b

7. (a) played

(b) enacted

(c) danced

(d) performed

Ans. d

8. (a) merit

(c) honour

(b) power

(d) explain

Ans. c

9. (a) deal 

(b) explain

(c) said to

(d) told

Ans. d

10. (a) on

(b) about

(c) in

(d) through

Ans. a

Arabia is a (1) sandy desert. At day time, the sand becomes fiery. There are springs here and there (2) which grass, fig and palm trees grow and make a cool, shady (3) where the Arabs live in easily movable tents. They move from place to place in (4) of food. They load the (5) and move for miles as if he is the ship of the desert.

1. (a) narrow

(b) vast

(c) great

(d) broad

Ans. b

2. (a) around

(c) above

(b) below

(d) across

Ans. a

3. (a) garden 

(b) park

(d) pond

(c) oasis

Ans. c

4. (a) want

(b) search

(c) lack

(d) shortage

Ans. b

5. (a) horse 

(b) donkey

(c) camel

(d) cattle

Ans. c

Ants go in groups in search of food. To do this …. (1) ….. a few worker, ants, .. (2) .. scouts, go out of their nests to forage … (3)…. food. Once an …. (4)… source of food is … (5) …. by a scout ant it ….. (6) … to the nest with a sample, While.. (7).. so, it ejects a chemical and… (8) .. an invisible line from the .. (9) … of food to its nest. It then contacts other ants who also follow the… (10)… procedure. More and more worker ants are brought in and the food is slowly taken back to the nest.

1. (a) primarily

(c) hastily

(b) initially

(d) systematically

Ans. b

2. (a) called

(b) named

(d) depicted 

(c) indentified

Ans. a

3. (a) after

(b) by

(c) for

(d) upon

Ans. c

4. (a) unusual

(b) enriched

(c) excessive

(d) abundant 

Ans. d

5. (a) found

(b) reached

(d) recognised

(c) targeted 

Ans. a

6. (a) accesses

(b) returns

(d) climbs

(c) goes

Ans. b

7. (a) pulling

(c) doing

(b) crawling

(d) going

Ans. c

8. (b) files

(a) draws

(d) pushes

(c) touches 

Ans. a

9. (a) place

(d) vessel

(c) house

(b) source

Ans. b

10. (a) same

(b) agreed

(c) matching

(d) parallel

Ans. a

It was a sudden decision. Three of us all … (1) .. in the hostal, decided to travel by train to .. (2) and witness the ….. Republic Day Parade. The station was heavily …(3)…there was a long queue before the ticket counter….(4)… pretended sickness and persuaded the man nearest to the..(5) … to buy three more tickets – one for him and.. (6). for his sisters. No problem, therefore, in buying tickets.. (7) .. train was already at the platform and there was … (8) . mad rush among the passengers to get on the coasches. Hari would not be worried by .. (9)… He asked .. (10) .. to jump over the bumper between two coaches to get on to the other side.

1. (a) roommates

(b) strangers

(c) classmates

(d) friends

Ans. a

2. (a) Calcutta 

(b) Hyderabad

(c) Chennai

(d) Delhi

Ans. d

3. (a) guarded 

(b) thronged

(c) crowded

(d) filled

Ans. a

4. (a) She

(b) Hari

(c) They

(d) You

Ans. b

5. (a) door 

(b) window

(d) enhance

(c) counter

Ans. c

6. (a) three

(b) four

(c) one

(d) two

Ans.  d

7. (a) The

(c) An

(b) A

(d) No

Ans. a

8. (a) a

(b) an

(d) not

(c) the

Ans. a

9. (a) things

(c) anything

(b) everything

(d) something 

Ans. c

10. (a) them

(b) us

(d) they

(c) we

Ans. b

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