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We are going to cover English Quiz Questions with Answers Quiz (English Grammar Quiz Online | Quiz with Answers) or English Grammar Test Quiz with Answers. Main Purpose to cover the English is to help those students who can’t buy mock tests for regular exams and for competitive examinations. these English questions are asked in many exams like Bank exam, UPSC exam, SSC exam, CAT, SSC, RBI, LLB, SBI, RRB, LIC, DRDO, NABARD, SEBI, many more Entrance Exams and for school exams class 1-12 also. English Grammar Quiz Topic Wise Given Below.

English Grammar Questions and Answers pdf

1. Spot the Corrections Quiz

2. Fill in the Blanks with Modals Quiz

3. Improvement of Sentences Quiz

4. Active and Passive Voice

5. Narration (Direct & Indirect Speech)

6. Spelling/Detecting Mis-Spelt Words Quiz

7. Synonyms Quiz

8. Antonyms Quiz

9. One Word Substitution Quiz

10. Idioms & Phrases Quiz

11. Cloze Passage Quiz

12. Comprehension Quiz

1. Spotting Errors Quiz

Directions : Read each sentence and find out whether there is any grammatical error in it.

The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer.

If there is no error, the answer is ‘e’, i.e., No error. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.)

1. (a) I have been travelling by local

(b) trains since last several years

(c) but had never experienced

(d) such a horrible situation as this

(e) No error

Ans. b

2. (a) I found this ring

(c) garden it looks very old

(d) I wonder who it belonged to

(b) as I dug in the

(e) No error

Ans. d

3. (a) India today stands at crucial

(b) crossroads with its history as

(c) an independent nation

(d) No error

Ans. d

4. (a) By April next year I will have 

(b) been working in this office

(c) for twenty years

(d) No error

Ans. a

5. (a) He was having a bath when the

(b) phone rang very unwillingly he

(c) got out of the bath and went to

(d) answer it.

(e) No error

Ans. e

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2. Fill in the Blanks with Modals Quiz

1. She had to …… illness in order to avoid going to the party meeting.

(a) feint

(b) fain

(c) faint

(d) feign

Ans. d

2. Your ……. nature will aid you in attaining success in every venture yooou undertake.

(a) persevering

(b) catalytic

(c) rotund

(d) lackadaisical

Ans. a

3. The publisher is bringing .. a revised edition of this book.

(a) about

(b) up

(d) out

(c) round

Ans. d

4. This iss our house and that is …. 

(a) them

(b) their

(d) their’s

(c) theirs

Ans. c

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5. Arun has ….. his work.

(a) Completely

(c) Complete

(b) Completing

(d) Completed

Ans. d

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3. Improvement of Sentences Quiz

Directions: Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each sentence should replace the phrase under brackets to make the sentence grammatically correet? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (e) as the answer.

1. The performance of our players was rather ( worst than I had expected)

(a) bad as I had expected

(b) worse than I had expected

(c) worse than expectation

(d) worst than weere expected

(e) No corrrection required

Ans. b

2. It is always better to make people realise the importance of disciptine than to (impose them on it).

(a) impose it with them

(c) imposing them on it

(e) No correction required

(d) impose it on them

(b) impose them with it

Ans. d

3. The crops are dying: it (must not had) rained.

(a) must had not thy  

(b) must not be

(d) must not have been

(c) must not have

(e) No correction required

Ans. c

4. They (were all shocked at) his failure in the competition.

(a) were shocked at all

(c) had all shocked by

(d) had been all shocked on

(e) No correction required

(b) had all shocked at

Ans. e

5. He is too impatient (for tolerating) any delay.

(a) to tolerate 

(b) to tolerating

(d) with tolerating

(c) at tolerating

(e) No correction required

Ans. a

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4. Active and Passive Voice

Question Directions :- In the following questions, the sentences have been given in Active/Passive voice. From the given alternative choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Passive/Active Voice

1. Have the box broken.

(a) Get some one to break the box

(b) Break the box.

(d) They have broken the box.

(c) Have the broken box

Ans. a

2. . They objected to my proposal.

(a) My proposal objected them.

(c) My proposal was objected to by them.

(b) My proposal was objected by them.

(d) Their proposal were objected by me.

Ans. c

3. Do you know her? know

(a) Are you known to her ?

(b) Is she known by you ?

(c) Is she known to you ?

(d) Has she has been known by you ?

Ans. c

4. The teacher punished the boys who had not done their homework,

(a) The boys who have not done their homework were punished by the teacher.

(b) The boys who had not done their homework were punished by the teacher

(c) The I had not done their homework.

(d) The been punished by their teacher

Ans. b

5. People believe him to be innocent.

(a) Him ware believed to be innocent by the people.

(b) He is believed to be innocent.

(c) He is believed innocent by the people.

(d) Him to been innocent is believed by the people.

Ans. c

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5. Narration (Direct & Indirect Speech)

1. The reported speech for the sentence Ravi said, “I am doing B.Sc”

(a) Ravi said that I am doing B.Sc

(b) Ravi said that he was doing B.Sc

(c) Ravi said that he is doing B.Sc

(d) Ravi said I had been doing B.Sc.

Ans. b

2. The direct speech for the sentence “He advised mne not to waste money”

(a) He said to me, “not waste money

(b) “no waste money”, He said to me

(c) “Don’t waste money,” He said to me

(d) He said, “you are wasting money”

Ans. c

3. The direct speech for the sentence “They asked her where she had göne the previous day”

(a) They said to her, “where have you gone yesterday”

(b) They said. “where were you go yesterday ?”

(c) “where were you going yesterday ?” they said

(d) They said to her, “where did you go yesterday”

Ans. d

4. The Indirect speech of the following sentence “Are you a vegetarian ?” he said to her

(a) He asked her whether she was a vegetarian

(b) He asked her if she was a vegetarian

(c) He told her whether she is a vegetarian

(d) He asked her whether she is a vegetarian

Ans. a

5. “The reported Speech of the following sentence” “The SI ordered the thief to stop there”

(a) The SI said, “You stop there”

(b) The SI said to to theif, “You are stopping here”

(c) The SI said to the thief, “Stop here”

(d) The SI ordered the the thief, “stopping here”

Ans. c

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6. Spelling/Detecting Mis-Spelt Words Quiz

Directions : In each question below FOUR words (a), (b), (c) and (d) are given, one of which MAY BE WRONGLY SPELT Find out that word, the spelling of which is WRONG The number of that word is the answer. If all the four words are are spelt correctly, the answer is (e) i.e. “All Correct”.

1. (a) rational

(b) survival

(d) release

(c) demolish

(e) All correct

Ans. e

2. (a) reproach

(c) gathering

(b) actualise

(d) clothing

(e) All correct

Ans. e

3. (b) couragious

(d) regular

(a) garbage

(c) criminal

(e) All correct

Ans. b

4. (b) cautiously

(a) competition

(c) mathematics

(d) miscelleneous

(e) All correct

Ans. d

5. (a) enthusistic

(b) surrender

(d) harmonise

(c) impression

(e) All correct.

Ans. a

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7. Synonyms Quiz

Note: The following are exercises in synonyms. Pickout the correct word that suits the original word given in bold letters, from the various alternatives given under every word:

1. Annoy

(d) None

(a) Tease

(b) Suspect

(c) Doubt

Ans. a

2. Amnesty

(a) Peaceful

(b) Pardon

(c) Surrogate

(d) Supercede

Ans. b

3. Acme

(c) Recede

(d) Zenith

(a) Succeed

(b) Revert

Ans. d

4. Abhor

(a) Jate

(b) Blade

(d) None of these

(c) Try

Ans. a

5. Affront

(b) Send

(a) Like

(c) Distaste

(d) Provocation

Ans. d

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8. Antonyms Quiz

1. Abscond

(a) Surrogate

(c) Bane

(b) Surrender

(d) Pluck Abolish

Ans. b

3. Abstract

(a) Blame

(c) Matter

(b) Magical

(d) Concrete

Ans. d

4. Actual

(a) Pragmatic

(c) Factual

(b) Growl

(d) None of these

Ans. c

5. Abound

(a) Scarce

(c) Parental

(b) Intelligent

(d) Mawkish

Ans. a

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9. One Word Substitution Quiz

1. To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings

(b) Retrospection

(a) Meditation

(d) Introspection

(c) Reflection

Ans. d

2. A short, usually amusing, story about some real person or event 

(b) Antidote

(a) Anecdote

(c) Tale

(d) Allegory

Ans. a

3. Woman who offers the use of her body for sexual intercourse to any one who will pay for this

(b) Cuckold

(a) Voluptuary

(c) Prostitute

(d) Concubine

Ans. c

4. Life history of a person written by another

(a) Autobiography

(c) Bibliography 

(b) Biography

(d) Memoir

Ans. b

5. Custom of having many wives

(a) Monogamy

(c) Polygamy

(b) Bigamy

(d) Matrimony

Ans. c

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10. Idioms & Phrases Quiz

1. To take with a grain of salt

(a) to be loyal to a person

(b) to be irritated about something

(c) to be cautious about accepting a statement

(d) to be superstitious

Ans. c

2. To get into a scrape:

(a) to get into trouble

(b) to have an accident

(c) to collide with some body

(d) to be rough with others

Ans. a

3. To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth :

(a) to be born under an auspicious star

(b) to get rich all of a sudden

(c) to be born in a prosperous country

(d) to be born in a rich and prosperous family

Ans. b

4. To upset one’s apple cart :

(a) to impoverish a person

(b) to have an accident

(c) to upset one’s plans

(d) to spoil a person’s reputation

Ans. c

5. To add insult to injury:

(a) to add to the persons being insulted

(b) to face two dangers

(c) to give further offence to a person who is already injured

(d) to make a person dissatisfied

Ans. c

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11. Cloze Passage Quiz

There ..(1)… in the city of Ujain a poor tailor …(2).. Ramphal. As he was very poor, he ..(3)… to live and work in one little room with his wife and ….(4)…. three small children. The children fought …(5)…. each other and made so much noise.

1. (a) lived

(c) inhabited

(b) stayed

(d) existed

Ans. a

2. (a) famous

(b) named

(c) known

(d) titled

Ans. b

3. (a) wished

(c) had

(b) liked

(d) wanted

Ans. c

4. (a) few

(b) a few

(c) their

(d) some

Ans. c

5. (a) to

(c) for

(b) upon

(d) with

Ans. d

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12. Comprehension Quiz

Passage 1

In the evening we decided to pitch camp as the weather was not encouraging. The wind was high and gathering storm clouds predicted a wild wet night. Moreover, we had arrived at a spot which looked promising for a camp. A level expanse in the lee of a high hill afforded some shelter from the wind; fresh water was near at hand in a stream which flowed across the plain; a copse of trees provided adequate supplies of fuel, and the dry grasses which abounded on the hillside would enhance the comfort of our beds. Each member of the party was allotted a task. Some erected the tents; others prepared a scanty meal; yet others attended to the needs of the ponies that were now exhausted after a very strenuous day. As the angry sun sank, the bustle of activity was hushed into silence and each man settled down to sleep.

1. As the weather was not encouraging we decided to:

(a) Set up the camp

(c) Extend the camp

(b) Pack up the camp

(d) Shift the camp

Ans. a

2. The camp site looked encouraging because :

(a) It was sheltered by some trees

(b) The dry grass would provide fuel

(c) We had been promised that spot

(d) It was level and sheltered

Ans. d

3. The day had been very:

(a) Exciting

(c) Boring

(b) Tiring

(d) Comfortable

Ans. b

Passage 2

Once there lived an old man who had a bag of gold. He was foolish. He dug a hole in the ground and put the bag of gold into the hole. Then he covered the hole with a stone. He used to visit the place nearly every day. He would take away the stone and put his fingers into the hole. Then he would touch the gold and feel very happy. One day he took the stone away and put his fingers into the hole. How angry and sad he was when he discovered that his treasure was not there. The old man went to a friend and sadly told him the story. His friend said. There is no reason for you to be sad. Your gold was useless to you. You still have the hole. You can visit it whenever you like. All you have to do is to imagine that your treasure is still there.

1. The old man hid the gold

(a) in a secret chamber

(b) in a bank locker

(c) underground

(d) in an unknown place

Ans. c

2. The old man was pleased when he

(a) used the gold

(c) added to the gold

(d) gave away the gold

(b) touched the gold

Ans. b

3. The old man visited the place where he had kept the gold  hidden

(b) once a week

(d) as often as possible

(a) everyday

(c) almost everyday

Ans. c

4. The friend’s words possibly made the old man

(a) happy

(c) relieved

(b) angry

(d) excited

Ans. c

5. The friend told the old man that

(a) he had not lost anything

(b) he would get back his gold

(c) he should complain to the police 

(d) he should not have hidden it in a hole

Ans. a

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