English Sample Paper Class10

The following Model test Paper(English Sample Paper Class10) is for class 10. Practice These Questions.

Class 10 english sample paper 2021 | English sample paper class 10 2021
Section A- Reading Skills (Unseen Passage Comprehension)
SECTION-B (Text Books)English Main Course Book
English Supplementary Reader
English Main Course Book : Poetry
SECTION-C (Vocabulary)
SECTION D (Translation)
Grammar (Do as directed)
Composition Part

Section A- Reading Skills (Unseen Passage Comprehension)

Carefully read the passage and answer the questions that follow : This is the age of the machine. Even man has become a machine. He is busy in earning money all the twenty-four hours of the day. He knows no rest and does not enjoy life. He has completely forgotten the spiritual values of life. Machines are everywhere-in the street in the factory, in the home, in the city, in the country,in the field, everywhere. But is he really happy in the machine age ? The answer is very clear from his routine life. He is really not happy. No doubt, he has money. He has comforts. He enjoys the material goods. But he has lost his link with nature. He has lost his real happiness.

1. Life is meaningless without…..

(a) money

(c) comforts

(b) spiritual values

(d) none of these

Ans. b

2. Where are machines found ? 

(a) In the agricultural fields.

(b) In the factories.

(c) In our homes.

(d) All of these.

Ans. d

3. Is the modern man…. in the machine age?

(a) happy

(c) somewhat happy

(d) none of these

(b) really happy

Ans. b

4. How many hours in a day does the modern man remain busy in earning money ? 

(a) 12 hours.

(b) 24 hours.

(d) 10 hours.

(c) 8 hours.

Ans. b

5. The modern man has …….

(a) become very rich.

(b) become very civilized.

(c) lost link with nature

(d) none of these

Ans. c

SECTION-B (Text Books)

English Main Course Book

6. The swallow decided to go to :

(b) America

(a) Russia

(d) Egypt

(c) Japan

Ans. d

7. Science has helped man to live:

(a) happily

(b) unhappily

(c) longer

(d) shorter

Ans. c

8. The different types of fears experienced by the people are:

(a) financial fears

(b) health fears

(c) future fears 

(d) all of these

Ans. d

9. When the author flung the door open, he found there :

(a) a little chipmunk

(b) a rat

(c) a cat

(d) a bat

Ans. a

10. The poor woman was a :

(a) teacher

(b) seamstress

(c) doctor

(d) scientist

Ans. b

11. Her little boy was:

(a) healthy

(b) well

(c) ill

(d) none of these

Ans. c

English Supplementary Reader

12. Naeem praised to the paintings of the author:

(a) half-heartedly

(b) reluctantly

(c) very lowly

(d) very highly

Ans. d

13. The author became more confident about his:

(a) painting skills

(c) writing skills

(b) reading skills

(d) speaking skills

Ans. a

14. The person kept waiting for Subbiah for: 

(a) four hours

(c) five hours

(b) three hours

(d) two hours

Ans. b

15. When Subbiah didn’t come till six in the  morning, his wife became:

(a) very happy

(c) very anxious

(b) very sad

(d) very unhappy

Ans. c

16. Robert Gillian gets one thousand dollars from his :

(a) uncle’s will

(b) aunt’s will

(c) father’s will

(d) mother’s will

Ans. d

English Main Course Book : Poetry

How happy is he born or taught That serveth not another will; Whose armour is his honest thought, And simple truth his utmost skill!

17. A truly happy man is nobody’s:

(b) master

(a) slave

(c) sycophant

(d) enemy

Ans. a

18. He needs no armour for his 

(a) progress

(c) improvement

(b) protection

(d) development

Ans. b

19. An honest man lives a simple and : 

(a) safe life

(b) false life

(c) truthful life

(d) risky life

Ans. c

20. A truly happy person has control over his:

(a) thoughts

(c) expressions

(b) feelings

(d) passions

Ans. d

SECTION-C (Vocabulary)

21. Find the correct one word for the following: Something that can be heard is:

(a) audible

(c) silent

(b) inaudible

(d) noisy

Ans. a

22. Find the correct adjective for the following: She did not eat … bread.

(b) much

(d) less

(a) many

(c) more

Ans. b

23. Choose the correct proverb:

(a) A rolling stone gathers much moss.

(b) A rolling stone will gather moss.

(c) A rolling stone gathers no moss.

(d) A rolling stone gathers moss.

Ans. a

SECTION D (Translation)

Grammar (Do as directed)

24. Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners: When Mr Sharma was coming back, he saw…… girls who were playing in…… ground

(a) a, the

(b) some, the

(c) few, a

(d) an, the

Ans. b

25. Fill in the blank with a suitable modal: He …… not help laughing.

(b) could

(a) can

(c) should

(d) may

Ans. b

26. Fill in the blank with a correct preposition: I prefer tea…. coffee.


(c) for

(b) then

(d) of

Ans. a

27. Fill in the blank with suitable conjunction: This is the house ….. Aryan built.

(b) which

(a) who

(c) hen

(d) but

Ans. b

28. Complete the following sentence using the non- finite form of the verb given in the bracket: This rent is reasonable…… a house (furnish)

(a) have furnished

(b) for furnish

(d) furnish

(c) to furnish

Ans. c

29. Change the tense : I do not trust you. (Change into Present Perfect tense)

(a) I have not trusted you.

(b) I will not trust you I did not trust you.

(d) I trusted you

Ans. a

30. Punctuate the following sentence: we want help not sympathy

(a) We want Help not sympathy.

(b) We want help, not sympathy.

(c) We want help not sympathy.

(d) We want help not Sympathy.

Ans. b

31. Change the voice of the following sentence He never tells a lie.

(a) A lie is never told by him.

(b) A lie is not told by him.

(c) A lie was not told by him.

(d) A lie will not be told by him.

Ans. a

Composition Part

32. Notices are put on the :

(a) door

(b) wall

(c) window

(d) notice board

Ans. d

33. A notice should be:

(a) brief

(c) lengthy

(b) long

(d) elaborate

Ans. a

34. The purpose of the notice should be

(a) complex 

(b) confusing

(c) clear

(d) unclear

Ans. c

35. A message should be:

(a) simple

(b) to the point

(c) simple & to the point

(d) complex

Ans. c

36. An advertisement should be :

(a) short, crisp & pithy

(b) pithy and short

(c) short and crisp

(d) none of these

Ans. a

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