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We are going to cover English Quiz Questions with Answers Quiz (Phrases with meanings | Idioms examples for students) or English Grammar Test Quiz with Answers. Main Purpose to cover the English is to help those students who can’t buy mock tests for regular exams and for competitive examinations. these English questions are asked in many exams like Bank exam, UPSC exam, SSC exam, CAT, SSC, RBI, LLB, SBI, RRB, LIC, DRDO, NABARD, SEBI, many more Entrance Exams and for school exams class 1-12 also.

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1000 English Phrases with meanings | Idioms sentences | Idiom examples

1. To take with a grain of salt

(a) to be loyal to a person

(b) to be irritated about something

(c) to be cautious about accepting a statement

(d) to be superstitious

Ans. c

2. To get into a scrape:

(a) to get into trouble

(b) to have an accident

(c) to collide with some body

(d) to be rough with others

Ans. a

3. To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth :

(a) to be born under an auspicious star

(b) to get rich all of a sudden

(c) to be born in a prosperous country

(d) to be born in a rich and prosperous family

Ans. b

4. To upset one’s apple cart :

(a) to impoverish a person

(b) to have an accident

(c) to upset one’s plans

(d) to spoil a person’s reputation

Ans. c

5. To add insult to injury:

(a) to add to the persons being insulted

(b) to face two dangers

(c) to give further offence to a person who is already injured

(d) to make a person dissatisfied

Ans. c

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6. To be between the devil and the deep sea:

(a) to be in a dangerous spot

(b) to be faced with two dangerous alternatives

(c) to face devilish storm at sea

(d) to be most unlucky

Ans. b

7. To kill two birds with one stone :

(a) to produce good results

(b) to hunt birds with a stone

(c) to hit everyone around

(d) to achieve two results with a single effort

Ans. b

8. To take a leaf out of a person’s book:

(a) to take a quotation from a book

(b) to copy from a body

(c) to follow somebody’s example

(d) to be fool somebody

Ans. c

9. To put one’s cards on the table :

(a) to be truthful and frank

(b) to play a game of cards honestly

(c) to change the manner of playing

(d) to disregard the rules of the games

Ans. a

10. To hold out the olive branch:

(a) to stick to one’s position

(b) to make a gesture of peace

(c) to offer to a temptation to somebody

(d) to offer to somebody something he loves

Ans. b

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11. To leave no stone unturned:

(a) to plan well

(b) to decorate the house in every possible way

(c) to make every possible effort

(d) to earn money in undesirable ways

Ans. d

12. To call a spade a spade:

(a) to dig with a spade

(b) to make quick progress

(c) to be rude

(d) to speak plainly and truthfully

Ans. b

13. To burn the midnight oil :

(a) to illuminate the house

(b) to keep lights burning all night

(c) to burn oil at mid-night

(d) to sit up till late at night to work or study

Ans. d

14. To have one’s hand full:

(a) to be extremely busy

(b) to live within one’s income

(c) to have plenty of money in one’s hands

(d) to be miserly

Ans. a

15. To grease one’s palm:

(a) to predict the future by reading the lines palm

(b) to accumulate a lot of wealth

(c) to offer a bribe to a person

(d) to make a person ill

Ans. c

16. To be at daggers drawn:

(a) to be well armed

(b) to be well prepared

(c) to be ready for a fight

(d) to have enmity

Ans. d

17. To pour oil on troubled waters:

(a) to pacify persons who have been injured

(b) to waste money

(c) to take advantage of somebody else’s troubles

(d) to spoil a game

Ans.  a

18. To come off with flying colours:

(a) to fly the flag at the top of one’s house

(b) to escape from a difficult situatin

(c) to be very successful

(d) to congratulate somebody

Ans. c

19. To blow one’s own trumpet :

(a) to use one’s own tools

(b) to sing well

(c) to be destroyed by one’s own work

(d) to praise oneself

Ans. d

20. A cock and bull story:

(a) a fairy tale

(b) a story or statement which cannot be believed

(c) a tale of animals

(d) an animal story which teaches a lesson

Ans. b

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21. A cry in the wilderness:

(a) a demand of savages

(b) a demand which is made in a desert

(c) an unrefined voice

(d) a useful demand

Ans. d

22. A hue and cry:

(a) much noise about trifles

(b) panic

(c) a common demand

(d) a common complaint

Ans. a

23. Through and through:

(a) very deep

(c) to penetrate

(b) completely

(d) total acceptance

Ans. b

24. Tooth and nail: 

(b) vehemently

(d) angrily

(a) physically

(c) thoroughly

Ans. b

25. The lion’s share:

(a) a non-vegetarian diet

(b) a ferocious attitude

(c) a majestic approach

(d) a major share

Ans. d

26. Bag and baggage;

(a) all the bags in the house

(b) all the movable property

(c) completely

Ans. c

27. Ins and outs:

(a) all the exits and entrances in a house

(b) income and expenditure

(c) letters going out and coming in

(d) The secrets and details

Ans. d

28. A storm in a tea cup :

(d) thoroughly

(a) a cup of good tea

(b) a quarrel about nothing

(c) a big fight

Ans. b

29. A feather in one’s cap :

(d) a petty fight

(b) Vanity

(d) a new achievement

(a) flase pride

(c) additional income

Ans.  d

30. A wild goose chase :

(a) a foolish adventure

(b) boring talk

(c) misleading talk

(d) the pursuit of an

Ans. a

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31. To burn one’s boat:  ideal

(a) commit suicide

(b) to condemn those who have helped one to rise

(c) to destroy one’s means of support

(d) to take a firm and final decision

Ans. d

32. To cast pearls before swine:

(a) to offer food which one cannot digest

(b) to make a very difficult offer

(c) to give something to a person who does not realize the value of that thing

(d) to do a foolish thing

Ans. c

33. To burn the candle at both ends:

(a) to be extravagant in expenditure

(b) to create very strong light

(c) to take a wrong view of things

(d) to get angry on a small matter

Ans. a

34. A White Elephant:

(a) a big mistake

(b) a useless organization incurring heavy expenditure

(c) a rare object

(d) to take the initiative in controlling a dangerous

Ans. b

35. To bell the cat:

(a) to do a fanciful thing

(b) to do an engineering feat

(c) to do a difficult thing

(d) a playthng for children enemy

Ans. d

36. To bear the brunt of:

(a) to carry an injured person

(b) to carry away a reward

(c) to take a punishment lightly

(d) in face the main shock

Ans. d

37. To be true to one’s slat :

(a) to work according to one’s capacity

(b) to do sincere work

(c) to be faithful to one’s master

(d) to get one’s money’s worth

Ans. c

38. To be at large:

(a) to become a great man

(b) to become a rich man

(d) to-be free

(c) to be pleased

Ans. d

39. To be under one’s thumb

(a) to be under one’s complete control

(b) to finance the education of a person

(c) to live in constant fear

(d) to have similar tastes

Ans. a

40. To be at one’s wit’s end :

(a) to have one’s mental powers paralysed

(b) to fail to understand

(c) to be under complete control

(d) to be full of repartess

Ans. b

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