Synonyms Quiz with Answers PDF

We are going to cover English Quiz Questions with Answers Quiz (Synonyms Quiz with Answers PDF) or English Grammar Test Quiz with Answers. Main Purpose to cover the English is to help those students who can’t buy mock tests for regular exams and for competitive examinations. these English questions are asked in many exams like Bank exam, UPSC exam, SSC exam, CAT, SSC, RBI, LLB, SBI, RRB, LIC, DRDO, NABARD, SEBI, many more Entrance Exams and for school exams class 1-12 also.

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  1. Argument synonym

Ans: Quarrel, squabble, fight, disagreement, dispute, difference of opinion, clash, feud, wrangle, dissension, altercation, contretemps, etc., are some of the argument synonyms.

  1. Greatly synonym

Ans: Significantly, very much, considerably, much, substantially, markedly, by a considerable amount, seriously, enormously, immensely, appreciably, profoundly, tremendously, abundantly, extremely, hugely, materially, mightily, signally, majorly, exceedingly, vastly, remarkably, sizeably, to a great extent, bigly, etc., are the greatly synonym.

  1. Qualified synonym

Ans: Professional, certificated, equipped, certified, trained, licensed, prepared, accomplished, knowledgeable, skilled, practised, experienced, competent, proficient, adept, skilful, capable, expert, able, etc., are the qualified synonyms.

  1. Factors synonym

Ans: Part, component, ingredient, constituent, strand, detail, feature, element, facet, point, item, characteristic, consideration, influence, thing, aspect, determinant, circumstance, representative, etc., are the factors synonyms.

  1. Clarity synonym

Ans: Lucidity, clearness, perspicuity, comprehensibility, lucidness, coherence, intelligibility, plainness, explicitness, simplicity, precision, limpidity, limpidness, translucence, purity, transparency, pellucidity, transpicuousness, glassiness, etc., are the clarity synonym.

  1. Level synonym

Ans: Extent, quantity, measure, amount, volume, magnitude, degree, intensity, size, strength, pitch, proportion, etc., are the level synonyms.

  1. Aims synonym

Ans: Goal, target, objective, grail, object, design, end, intent, holy grail, intention, desire, purpose, idea, plan, desired result, point, etc., are the aims synonyms.

  1. Outstanding Synonym?

Ans: Marvellous, excellent, wonderful, magnificent, superlative, superb, first-class, first-rate, formidable, exceptional, skilful, virtuoso, masterful, fine, etc., are the outstanding synonyms.


Synonyms Quiz with Answers PDF

Note: The following are exercises in synonyms. Pickout the correct word that suits the original word given in bold letters, from the various alternatives given under every word:

1. Annoy

(d) None

(a) Tease

(b) Suspect

(c) Doubt

Ans. a

2. Amnesty

(a) Peaceful

(b) Pardon

(c) Surrogate

(d) Supercede

Ans. b

3. Acme

(c) Recede

(d) Zenith

(a) Succeed

(b) Revert

Ans. d

4. Abhor

(a) Jate

(b) Blade

(d) None of these

(c) Try

Ans. a

5. Affront

(b) Send

(a) Like

(c) Distaste

(d) Provocation

Ans. d

6. Admit 

(b) Send

(a) Suppress

(c) Acknowledge

(d) Blazing

Ans. c

7. Agony

(a) Suffer

(b) Sorrow

(c) Trend

(d) Carry

Ans. b

8. Absolute  

(a) Come

(b) Confront

(c) Perfect

(d) Cover

Ans. c

9. Abuse

(a) Prude

(b) Sane

(c) Tender

(d) Curse

Ans. d

10. Abandon

(a) Serve

(b) Temporary

(c) Forsake

(d) Great

Ans. c

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