Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2021 22 with Solution

The following Questions of class 10 social science sample paper 2021 22 with solution are given below.

class 10 social science question paper 2022 pdf | sample paper of social science for class 10 with answers 2021 22

Social Studies Sample Paper 1


1. On the basis of population, what is the position of India in the world ?

(b) Second

(a) First

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

Ans. b

2. How many countries have connecting borders with India ?

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) 7

Ans. d

3. What is the name of Indian currency ?

(a) Rupee

(b) Taka

(c) Dollar

(d) Gultrum

Ans. a

4. Into how many parts the land of India can be broadly divided ?

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 6

Ans. c

5. The total area of fertile plain of Punjab- Haryana is … lakh square kilometre.

(a) 1.75

(b) 1.76

(c) 1.77

(d) 1.78

Ans. a

7. The weather conditions prevailing at a place for a long time including the temperature of the place, what is the water content present in the flowing air at such a place is called ?

(a) Weather

(b) Climate

(c) Moisture

(d) All of these

Ans. b

8. The average annual rainfall of the country is ………. centimeter.

(a) 115

(b) 116

(c) 117

(d) 118

Ans. d

9. In the traditional seasonal system of the  country India, what is the season of retreating monsoons called ?

(a) Hot season

(b) Rainy season

(c) Winter season

(d) All of these

Ans. c

10. The natural vegetation of any area S called the image of … of that area.

(a) Climate

(b) Temperature

(c) Air pressure

(d) Land

Ans. a

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11. Which is the national bird of India 

(a) Peacock

(b) Parrot

(c) Sparrow

(d) Falcon

Ans. a


13. Per capita income is . .. income.

(a) fixed

(c) additional

(b) average

(d) real

Ans. b

14. The formula of marginal propensity to consume is:

(a) consumption/income

(b) national income/ population

(c)  change in consumption/change in income

(d)  saving/ income

Ans. c

15. Which of the following expenditure is not an example of investment ?

(a) Expenditure on machines

(b) Buying raw material

(c) Expenditure on food and clothes

(d) Expenditure on rails, roads and buildings

Ans. c

16. ….. is that rate of interest at which the central bank of a country is ready to lend money to other banks.

(a) Bank rate

(c) Liquidity ratio

(d) Cash reserve ratio

Ans. a

17. Which of the following are the consumer services ?

(b) Growth rate 

(a) Education

(c) Transport

(d) all of these

Ans. d

18. The means of communication include:

(b) Health

(d) All of these

(a) post, telegraph services

(b) telephone

(c) radio, television 

Ans.  d

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19. What is the place of Indian shipping in the developing countries ?

(a) first

(c) third

(b) second

(d) fourth

Ans. a

20. What is the full name of NABARD ?

(a) National Agriculture and Rural Development Bank

(b) National Rural Agriculture Bank

(c) Small Scale Industry Development Bank

(d) Indian Industrial Development Bank

Ans. a


21. Punjab is made by the combination of two…. words Punj and Aab.

(b) Persian

(d) Punjabi

(a) Arabian

(c) Latin

Ans. b

22. In the kingdom of the Delhi Sultanate, the border of the Lahore province of Punjab was upto :

(a) Peshawar

(c) Islamabad

(b) Multan

(d) Sialkot

Ans.  a

23. Who was the emperor of Delhi at the time of the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ?

(a) Sikander Lodhi

(b) Behlol Khan Lodhi

(c) Ibrahim Lodhi

(d) Daulat Khan Lodhi

Ans.  b

24. Who were the Ulemas

(a) Leaders of Christian religious sect.

(b) They considered themselves as the issues of the daughter Bibi Fatima of Hazrat Mohammad.

(c) Leaders of Muslim religious sect and scholars of Arabian and religious literature.

(d) Mughal emperors.

Ans. c

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25. What sort of sacred thread did Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji want ?

(a) of cotton thread

(b) of silk

(c) of pearls

(d) of the thread of virtues

Ans. d

26. Which city was peopled by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ?

(b) Anandpur Sahib

(d) Sultanpur

(a) Kartarpur

(c) Kiratpur

Ans. a

27. The views of Sri Guru Nanak Dey Ji  about God were :

(a) God is one

(b) God is omnipotent and omnipresent.

(c) God is great and supreme.

(d) All of these.

Ans. d

28. Which Guru Sahiban reformed the Gurmukhi script ?

(a) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

(c) Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

(d) Sri Guru Ramdas Ji

Ans.  c

29. In 1589 A.D. who laid the foundation stone of Sri Harmindar Sahib ?

(a) Sai Mian Mir

(b) Sai Bulleh Shah

(c) Baba Buddha Ji

(d) Bhai Gurdas Ji

Ans. a

30. Which Guru Sahib implemented the paternal theory of Gurugaddi ?

(a) Sri Guru Ramdas Ji

(b) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

(c) Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

(d) Sri Guru Amardas Ji

Ans.  a

31. The old name of Muktasar was .

(a) Dhab of Khidrana

(b) Basoli

(c) Bhangani

(d) Nadaun

Ans. a

32. Bachitar Natak is the biography of which Guru Sahib ?

(a) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

(c) Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

(d) Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Ans. c


33. Since when the Constitution of India was started to be drafted ?

(a) 26 January 1950

(b) 15 August 1947

(c) 26 November 1949

(d) 9 December 1946

Ans. d

34. How many fundamental rights Indian citizens have got ?

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 6

Ans. d

35. Which of following concept regarding secular state is false ?

(a) State will patronise any particular religion.

(b) All religions will be respected equally.

(c) Citizens will not be free to adopt religion according to their own will.

(d) No religion will be opposed.

Ans. c

36. Two members of which community are nominated to the Lok Sabha by the President ?

(a) Parsi

(c) Jain

(b) Buddhist

(d) Anglo-Indian

Ans. d

37. Head of the cabinet is :

(a) President

(c) Vice-President

(b) Prime Minister

(d) Governor

Ans. b

38. What should be the minimum age of the candidate contesting the election of President ?

(a) 25 years

(c) 35 years  

(b) 30 years

(d) 40 years

Ans. c

39. At present, there are . … members of the legislative assembly of Punjab.

(a) 115

(c) 117

(b) 116

(d) 118

Ans. c

40. What is the highest court of the state called ?

(a) Supreme Court

(b) High Court

(c) District Court

(d) All of these

Ans. b

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