Social Science Model Papers Class 10

The following Questions of Social Science Model Papers Class 10 are given below.

Sample Paper Class 10 2021-22 SST with Solution

Social Studies Sample Paper 2


1. What shape is formed in the southern part of India due to the peninsular plateau being there ?

(b) rectangular

(d) triangular

(a) round

(c) square

Ans. d

2. The total area of India is approximately square kilometre.

(a) 30,81,780

(b) 31,80,480

(c) 31,87,782

(d) 32,87,782

Ans. d

3. From area point of view, which is the biggest and the smallest state of India ?

(a) Madhya Pradesh, Assam

(b) Chhattisgarh, Mizoram

(c) Rajasthan, Goa

(d) Uttar Pradesh, Kerala

Ans. c

4. What is the name of the highest peak of the world ?

(a) Kanchenjunga

(b) Mount Everest

(c) Dhaulagiri

(d) Makalu

Ans. b

5. Which plain is called the plain of Assam also ?

(a) The Ganga plains

(b) The Brahmaputra plains

(c) The Punjab-Haryana plains

(d) The Thar desert plains

Ans . b

7. Two places of equi climate in the country are :

(a) Mumbai, coastal area

(b) Delhi, Chandigarh

(c) Srinagar, Jaisalmer

(d) All of these

Ans. a

8. Which season is there in India from mid December to the February?

(a) Winter season

(b) Hot season

(c) Rainy season

(d) Retreating monsoon winds season

Ans. a

9. Which season is also called the season of south-west monsoons ?

(a) Hot season

(b) Winter season

(c) Rainy season

(d) All of these

Ans. c

10. What percentage of India’s area falls under the forests ?

(a) 22.7

(b) 22.8

(c) 22.9

(d) 23.0

Ans. a

sst class 10 sample paper 2021 22

11. What sort of vegetation is also called as mangroves, swamps, littorals or Sunderban vegetation ?

(a) Dry vegetation

(b) Mountainous vegetation

(c) Monsoonal vegetation

(d) Tidal vegetation

Ans. d

12. The causes of soil erosion are :

(a) Reckless cutting of forests

(b) Defective ways of farming

(c) Fast blowing winds, snow storms

(d) All of these 

Ans.  d


13. Among the following, the formula of per capita income is :

(a) National Income/Total Expenditure

(b)  National Income/Total Saving

(c)  National Income/Population

(d) Population/National Income

Ans.  c

14. Suppose six labourers are working in a four acre field. Finding employment nowhere else, two more labourers start working in the field. What is the unemployment of these two labourers called ?

(a) Seasonal unemployment

(b) Disguised unemployment

(c) Technical unemployment

(d) Voluntary unemployment

Ans. b

15. Who issues other notes except the one rupee note in India ?

(a) Commercial Bank

(b) Reserve Bank of India

(c) Agricultural Bank

(d) All of these

Ans. b

16. India imports petrol and other items e and services from Iran. What is it called ?

(a) Imports

(b) Exports

(c) Foreign Capital

(d) Foreign Debt

Ans. a

17. That part of capital stock of economy which is essential to provide various types of services is called .. ..

(a) investment

(b) saving

(c) capital formation

(d) basic infrastructure

Ans. d

18. According to the World Bank, there is … . and . . relationship a between development and basic infrastructure.

(a) indirect, positive

(b) direct, negative

(c) direct, proportional

(d) indirect, proportional

Ans. c

19. Which big companies of public sector are there in India for sea transportation ?

(a) Shipping Corporation

(b) Mughal Dyne

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Ans. c

20. Reserve Bank of India was formed in :

(b) 1952

(d) 1984

(a) 1935

(c) 1960

Ans. a


21. The meaning of Punj and Aab is:

(a) Land of five waters or five rivers

(b) Land of five seas

(c) Land of five countries

(d) All of these

Ans. a

22. What name did the Greeks give to the Punjab ?

(a) Tucky

(c) Mesopotamia

(b) Pentapotamia

(d) Panchnud

Ans. b

23. Whom did Babur defeat in the first  battle of Panipat (1526 A.D.) ?

(a) Sikander Lodhi

(b) Ibrahim Lodhi

(c) Daulat Khan Lodhi

(d) Behlol Lodhi

Ans. b

24. What sort of dress did the Muslims of high class put on ?

(a) gaudy and costly

(b) ordinary

(d) all of these

(c) cotton

Ans. a

25. In the school of Pandit Gopal the education of which subjects did Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji learn ?

(a) Mathematics and Urdu

(b) Persian and Urdu

(c) Arabi and Sanskrit

(d) Devnagari and Mathematics

Ans. d

26. The name of the wife of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was :

(a) Bibi Sulakhani Ji

(b) Mata Khivi Ji

(c) Bibi Ganga Ji

(d) Bibi Bhani Ji

Ans. a

27. Where did Sri Guru Nanak Dey Ji meet the robber Sajjan ?

(a) Saedpur

(c) Panipat

(b) Tulumba

(d) Kedarnath

Ans. b

28. Which Guru Ji founded the Manji system ? 

(a) Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Amardas Ji

(c) Sri Guru Ramdas Ji

(d) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Ans. b

29. How many steps are there in the Baoli Sahib of Goindwal ?

(a) 80

(b) 82

(c) 83

(d) 84

Ans. d

30. Which Guru Sahib got built Sri Akal Takhat ?

(a) Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

(c) Sri Guru Hargobind Ji

(d) Sri Guru Harkrishan Ji

Ans. c

31. How many poets did Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji have at Paonta Sahib ?

(a) 50

(b) 51

(c) 52

(d) 53

Ans. c

32. The post era of Khalsa creation is called … era.

(a) Post-Khalsa

(b) Pre-Khalsa

(d) South Khalsa

(c) West Khalsa

Ans. a


33. How many articles and schedules are included in the Indian Constitution

(a) 392, 10

(b) 395, 12

(c) 396, 14

(d) 397, 15

Ans. b

34. The Constitution of England is flexible but on the contrary the Constitution of …. . is very rigid.

(a) India

(b) Germany

(c) America

(d) Australia

Ans. c

35. Inspired by the constitution of which country, the Directive Principles of State Policy have been included in the fourth chapter of the Indian Constitution ?

(a) America

(b) France

(d) Ireland

(c) Japan

Ans. d

36. How many total members are there in Lok Sabha ?

(a) 545

(c) 530

(b) 550

(d) 540

Ans. a

37. In which house of Parliament the

(a) Lok Sabha

(c) In any House ordinary bill can be presented ?

(b) Rajya Sabha

(d) None of these

Ans. c

38. Which of the following are the powers of the President ?

(a) Executive powers

(b) Legislative and judicial powers

(c) Financial and emergency powers

(d) All of these

Ans. d

39. is a permanent house and one third of its members retire after every two years.

(a) Legislative Assembly

(b) Legislative Council

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Ans. b

40. With the purpose of giving speedy justice to the poor, the repressed and the exploited Indian people, which courts in India have come into existence ?

(a) District Courts

(b) High Courts

(c) Adalats

(d) Subordinate Courts

Ans. c

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