SST Sample Paper Class 10 2021-22 with Solutions pdf Download

The following Questions of SST Sample Paper Class 10 2021-22 with Solutions pdf Download are given below.

Sample Paper of Social Science for class 10 with answers 2021 22

Social Studies Sample Paper 5


1. The length of india’s northern end to the southern end is …….

(a) 2214 kilometres

(b) 3214 kilometres

(c) 4214 kilometres

(d) 3514 kilometres

Ans. b

2. How many home states and British provinces were there in India before Independence ?

(a) 562, 6

(b) 562, 9

(d) 561, 8

(c) 550, 9

Ans. b

3. How many people still live below the poverty line in India ?

(a) more than one-third

(b) more than two-third

(c) one-fourth

(d) more than one-fourth

Ans. a

4. In which direction of India is situated the knot of Pamir ?

(a) North-West

(c) South-West

(b) North-East

(d) South-East

Ans. a

5. The eastern branches of the Himalayas  are also called

(b) Eastern Ghat

(a) Purvanchal

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Ans. a

6. How many years ago did the lesser Himalayas originate ?

(a) 20 lakh years

(c) 40 lakh years

(b) 30 lakh years

(d) 45 lakh years

Ans. b

7. What is the name of the ocean current flowing in the Pacific ocean near the coast of Chile ?

(a) Current of gulf

(b) Current of Brazil

(c) Current of El Nino

(d) All of these

Ans. c

9. A From how many sides the ocean touches the peninsular part ?

(a) Two

(c) Four

(b) Three

(d) All of these

Ans. b

10. For maintaining ecological balance in any country, how much percentage of land should be covered with forests ? 

(b) 30%

(d) 35%

(a) 20%

(c) 33%

Ans. c

Sample Paper Class 10 2021 SST with Solution

11. The meaning of word ‘Laterite’ is : 

(a) stony

(c) red-like

(b) brick-like

(d) All of these

Ans. b

12. When was Bio-reserve area established

(a) 1980

(b) 1982

(c) 1984

(d) 1986

Ans. d


13. What is that part of income called which instead of spending on consumption used for capital formation ?

(b) Saving

(a) Income

(c) Interest

(d) Investment

Ans. d

14. Vinod has been running a factory of machine making parts for the last ten years. For the last two months he has installed new machines in the factory as a result of which many labourers became unemployed because they didnot know to operate the new machines. What sort of unemployment is it called ?

(a) Seasonal unemployment

(b) Disguised unemployment

(c) Voluntary unemployment

(d) Technical unemployment

Ans. d

15. ……is a record of all the monetary transactions made by the government a country with the rest of the world during one year.

(a) Foreign aid

(b) Balance of payment

(c) Public income

(d) Capital account

Ans. b

16. Which of the following is transferred payment ?

(a) Rent

(b) Old age pension

(c) Income

(d) Loan

Ans. b

17. What is the ranking of Indian railway line in the world ?

(b) Second

(d) Fourth

(a) First

(c) Third

Ans. d

18. Which is the biggest source of producing electricity in India ?

(a) Thermal electricity

(b) Hydro electricity

(c) Nuclear electricity

(d) Geo-thermal electricity

Ans. a

19. Gurleen asked her friend who among the following is the banker of banks ? Her friend’s reply was :

(a) State Bank of India

(b) Punjab National Bank

(c) Reserve Bank of India

(d) Bank of India

Ans. c

20. Which among the following is the purpose of buffer stock ?

(a) To check the rising prices of foodgrains

(b) To increase the prices of foodgrains

(c) To store the foodgrains

(d) None of the above

Ans. a


21. The Punjab was called .. . in the Ramayana and the Mahabharta period.

(a) Tucky

(b) Sekia

(c) Sapta Sindhu

(d) Panchnad

Ans. d

22. In which Doaba the big and famous cities Lahore and Amritsar of the Punjab are situated ?

(b) Doabs Bist

(a) Doaba Rachna

(c) Doaba Chaj

(d) Doaba Bari

Ans. d

23. On reaching Kabul, Alam Khan made a treaty with .

(a) Babur

(b) Daulat Khan Lodhi

(c) Ibrahim Lodhi

(d) Gazi Khan

Ans. a

24. In which Muslim class were included the government employees, policemen, traders and peasants ?

(a) Amir and Sardar

(b) Ulam and Sayyad

(c) Middle class

(d) All of these

Ans. c

25. What was the profession of the father of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ?

(a) Shopkeeper

(c) Patwari

(b) Landlord

(d) Trader

Ans. c

26. By giving how many rupees to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji did his father send him to the market (mandi) to make a profitable bargain ?

(a) 10

(c) 30

(b) 20

(d) 40

Ans. b

27. According to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, by whose order every work of the creation is done ? 

(a) By God

(b) By Guru

(c) By Man

(d) By Human Being

Ans. a

28. Which Guru’s name was Bhai Lehana Ji ?

(a) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

(c) Sri Guru Amardas Ji

(d) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Ans.  b

29. which among the following works os social reform were done by sri gur amardas ji ?

(a) opposing caste distinetions and untouchability

(b) prohibiting sati system and purdah system

(c) condemning the drugs (intoxicants)

(d) all of these

Ans. d

30. for the protection of amritsar, which guru ji got the wall built around its four sides and also got constructed the fort named lohgarh’ ?

(a) sri guru arjan dev ji

(b) sri guru hargobind ji

(c) sri guru harkrishan ji

(d) sri guru teg bahadur ji

Ans. b

31. what was the name of the naker (nagara) of sri guru gobind singh ji ?

(a) ranjit nagara

(b) ranvijay nagara

(c) nirvair nagara

(d) ranjodh nagara

Ans. a

32. what is the meaning of the word paonta’?

(a) the place of keeping head

(b) the place of keeping money

(c) the place of keeping ornaments

(d) the place of keeping feet.

Ans. d


33. by sovereign state is meant that india is a …………… state.

(a) totally independent

(b) supreme

(c) secular

(d) democratic

Ans. a

34. in india, a citizen of which age has the right to cast vote without any discrimi- nation ?

(a) 16

(c) 18

(b) 20

(d) 25

Ans. c

35. By which amendment of the Indian Constitution a new duty has been included in it ?

(a) 86th

(b) 46th

(d) 42nd

(c) 48th

Ans. a

36. Which among the following is not included in the executive ?

(a) President

(b) Prime Minister

(c) Supreme Court

(d) Council of Ministers

Ans. c

37. The biggest and the highest court of the country is :

(a) Supreme Court

(b) High Court

(c) Subordinate Court

(d) District Court

Ans. a

38. Which among the following are not the powers of the Supreme Court ?

(a) Basic and appellate jurisdiction

(b) Advisory power and record court

(c) Judicial review

(d) Appointment of the council of ministers

Ans. d

39. What is the time period of legislative assembly ?

(a) 4 years

(b) 5 years

(c) 6 years

(d) 7 years

Ans. b

40. Which court is regarded as the court of record ?

(a) High Court

(b) Supreme Court

(c) Subordinate Court

(d) Lok Adalat

Ans. a

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