SS Sample Paper Class 10 2021-22

The following Questions of SS Sample Paper Class 10 2021-22 are given below.

CBSE Social Science Sample Paper 2021

Social Studies Sample Paper 4


1. Who is the head of the country in a democratic system ?

(a) Prime Minister

(b) President

(c) Vice President

(d) Governor

Ans. b

2. From population point of view, which is the biggest and the smallest state of India ?

(a) Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim

(b) Madhya Pradesh, Goa

(c) Uttar Pradesh, Assam

(d) Rajasthan, Sikkim.

Ans. a

3. According to a concept, the modern name India of Bharat has been taken from the name of which river flowing in the north- west ?

(a) Sutlej

(c) Sindhu

(b) Beas

(d) Chenab

Ans. c

4. The plain from Daman to Goa is called

(a) Malabar coast

(b) Coromandal coast

(c) Gujarat coastal plain

(d) Konkan coast

Ans. d

5.  The length of the Satpura Mountain Range is .. . kilometre.

(a) 1120

(c) 1210

(b) 1130

(d) 1220

Ans. a

7. What is the pre-monsoon of big drops called locally in states like Kerala and Karnatka of South India ?

(a) Bursting of Monsoon

(b) Shower of mangoes or flowers

(c) Loo

(d) Humidity

Ans. b

8. When many centres of low pressure from western and north-western parts enter the internal parts of the country, then what is it called ?

(a) Western disturbance/change

(b) Pressure

(c) Storm

(d) Western wind

Ans. a

9. Wind-oriented slopes have …. rainfall.

(a) decreased

(b) increased

(c) uniform

(d) none of these

Ans. b

10. On the basis of accessibility, how many percent of forest areas are there on the high slopes of Himalayas ?

(a) 16

(b) 17

(c) 18

(d) 19

Ans. c

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12. The animals found in the Himalayas are:

(b) Hilly goats

(a) Wild sheep

(c) Sakin and Taepir

(d) All of these

Ans. d


13. The annual income of Suraj’s father is rupees one lakh. Out of it, he spends eighty thousand rupees on goods and services. What will the rest of twenty thousand rupees be called in the language of Economics ?

(a) Income

(b) Investment

(c) Saving

(d) All of these

Ans. c

14. Net investment is that investment as result of which the . . of capital increases.

(a) flow

(b) stock

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) none of these

Ans. b

15. Rohan has his own ice factory. It was closed due to the winter season and the workers working in it were sent home. What kind of unemployment is seen here ?

(a) Technical unemployment

(b) Seasonal unemployment

(c) Infrastructural unemployment

(d) Voluntary unemployment

Ans. b

16. What is that method in which the government makes up its deficit by borrowing from the central bank and the central bank makes up its loan D printing new notes ?

(a) Deficit financing

(b) Buffer stock

(c) Supply of money

(d) All of these

Ans. a

17. What are those means called by which we can establish link with the distant people ?

(a) Means of

(b) Means of communication

(c) Means of education transport

(d) Means of irrigation

Ans. b

18. How many international airports are there in India ?

(a) 16

(b) 17

(d) 19

(c) 18

Ans. b

19. Which of the following state of India does not get rainfall in winter ?

(a) Punjab

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Tamilnadu

Ans. c

20. With the purpose of protecting the interests of consumer, every year in the

(b) Haryana country consumer week is celebrated from ……

(a) 15 March to 21 March

(b) 15 May to 21 May

(c) 15 August to 21 August

(d) 15 January to 21 January

Ans. a


21. In which period was the Punjab called Sapta Sindhu ?

(a) Vedic period

(c) Medieval period

(d) Modern period

(b) Ancient period

Ans. a

22. What is the area between the two rivers called ?

(b) Majha

(d) All of these

(a) Doaba

(c) Malwa

Ans. a

23. Which of the following is the quality of Ibrahim Lodhi?

(a) Knower of technique

(b) Brave soldier and successful general

(c) Honest and hard-working

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Ans.  d

24. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has mentioned the atrocities of Babur in ……..

(b) Babur Bani

(a) Amrit Bani

(c) Nanak Bani

(d) Akash Bani

Ans. b

25. In which areas of India Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji undertook the first Udasi ?

(b) Southern

(a) Eastern

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Ans. c

26. Which witch was given a sermon by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Kamrup (Assam)?

(b) Roopshahi

(d) Amirshahi

(a) Lalshahi

(c) Noorshahi

Ans. c

27. Which Guru Ji founded the Sangat and Pangat ?

(a) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Amardas Ji

(c) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

(d) Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Ans. a

28. When established in Sri Harmandir Sahib ? was Aadi Granth Sahib

(a) In September 1604 A.D.

(b) In October 1606 A.D.

(c) In December 1605 A.D,

(d) In November 1605 A.D.

Ans. a

29. Which Guru Ji was also called ‘Sachha Patshah’ by the people ?

(a) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Hargobind Ji

(c) Sri Guru Harkrishan Ji

(d) Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

Ans. b

30. Which village was named as ‘Guru Ka Bagh’ by Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji ?

(a) Valla

(c) Sekha

(b) Kukewali

(d) Mulowal

Ans. b

31. Who trained Sri Guru Gobind singh Ji in horse-riding and use of weapons ?

(a) Rajput Banjar Singh

(b) Bhai Sahib Chand

(c) Bhai Sati Das Ji

(d) Pandit Harjas Ji

Ans. a

32. In which battle/war Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was separated from his two younger sons Jorawar Singh and Fateh Singh and mother Mata Gujari Ji ?

(a) Battle of Chamkaur Sahib

(b) Battle of Basoli

(c) Battle of Nirmoh

(d) Battle of Sarsa

Ans. d


33. Which of the following is not the main feature of Constitution ?

(a) Long and detailed constitution

(b) Flexible and rigid constitution

(c) Unwritten constitution

(d) Federal government

Ans. c

34. All Indian citizens are .. .. before law.

(a) equal

(c) partial

(b) unequal

(d) none of these

Ans. a

35. According to Indian Constitution, who has been given the right to judicial review ?

(a) Executive

(b) Legislature

(d) All of these

(c) Judiciary

Ans. c

36. At which stage of the bill there is no discussion in the house ?

(b) Second

(d) Fourth

(a) First

(c) Third

Ans. a

37. Who is the supreme commander of the Indian army

(a) Prime Minister

(b) President

(d) Vice-President

(c) Governor

Ans. b

38. Who are the highest level of ministers in the Council of Ministers ?

(a) State Ministers

(b) Deputy Ministers

(c) Cabinet Ministers

(d) Parliamentary Secretaries

Ans. c

39. Which of the following are the powers Legislature ?

(a) Legislative powers

(b) Financial

(c) Control on Executive powers

(d) All of these

Ans. d

40. Honourable Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati is regarded as the founder of the concept of ……….

(a) Lok Adalats

(c) Subordinate Courts

(d) Supreme Court

(b) High Court

Ans. a

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