Class 10 Social Science Question Paper

The following Questions of Class 10 Social Science Question Paper are given below.

Sample Paper of Social Science for Class 10 with Answers 2021-22

Social Studies Sample Paper 3


1. When did India get freedom ?

(a) 15 August 1947

(b) 26 January 1950

(c) 15 August 1950

(d) 26 January 1948

Ans. a

2. The name of the gulf separating India from Sri Lanka is ……..

(a) Gulf of Manar

(b) Gulf of Bengal

(c) Gulf of Hudson

(d) All of these

Ans. a

3. How many member countries are SAARC organisation ?

(a) 7

(b) 8

(c) 9

(d) 10

Ans. b

4. Which of the following are the main Doon Valleys of India ?

(a) Dehradoon

(b) Showkhamba

(c) Kotli

(d) All of these

Ans. d

5. What are Amindivi, Lakadip and Minikoy ?

(a) Islands of the Arabian Ocean

(b) Islands of the Bay of Bengal

(c) Coastal Islands

(d) Coastal Plains

Ans. a

6. Where are the rift valleys situated India ?

(a) In the Himalayan mountain

(b) In the Arabian Ocean

(c) In the Peninsular plateau

(d) In the group of islands

Ans. c

7. From the word of Mausam’ of which language the word monsoon has originated ?

(a) Persian

(c) Latin

(b) Arabian

(d) Punjabi

Ans. b

8. Ravi lives in Punjab but he is to go to Mumbai the month of January. There he will not need the woollen clothes. What is its reason ?

(a) Hot elimate

(c) Cold climate

(d) Very harsh climate

(b) Equi climate

Ans. b

10. The bushes, plants, grasses ete. that grow at a place under a particular environment are known as ………..

(a) Forests

(b) Natural Vegetation

(c) Vegetation

(d) Vegetation Species

Ans. c

CBSE Sample Paper Social Science | Social Class 10 Sample Paper 2021 22

11. Which delta is called the Sunderban delta ?

(a) The delta of Ganga and Brahamputra

(b) The delta of Missispi

(c) The delta of Nile

(d) All of these

Ans. a

12. .. . soil is also called ossar, reh, kalar, thoorh, rakkar, karal and shoppa soil in different parts of India.

(a) Desert

(b) Saline

(c) Red

(d) Black

Ans. b


13. Suppose an economy has an income of rupees 2000 crore, out of which rupees 1500 crore are spent on buying goods and services. Which of the following statement is wrong ?

(a) Consumption 1000 crore rupees

(b) Income 2000 crore rupees-

(c) Saving 500 crore rupees

(d) Consumption 1500 crore rupees

Ans. a

14. Suppose Sakshi’s income increases from 100 crore to 200 crore and as a result of which her saving increases from 20 crore to 80 crore. What will be her marginal propensity to save ?

(a) 40%

(c) 80%

(b) 20%

(d) 60%

Ans. d

15. The increase in capital is called

(a) Capital formation

(b) Depreciation

(c) Expenditure

(d) Consumption

Ans. a

16. What is currency and bank deposits

(a) Money

(c) Deposit currency

(d) Money supply

(b) Inflation

Ans. d

17. Basic infrastructure is the initial stage of….

(a) Social development

(b) Moral development

(c) Political development

(d) Economic development

Ans. d

18. In India on 16 April, 1853 the first with the people called ?  of …..  railway line was made from where where ?

(a) Bombay to Thana

(b) Bombay to Punjab

(c) Haryana to Thana

(d) Bihar to Karnataka

Ans. a

19. To protect exploitation, the method of .. consumers from been started. ****……… has

(a) Consumer protection

(b) Consumer exploitation

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Ans. a

20. Keeping the stock of essential goods by the government is called…..

(a) capital stock

(c) stock exchange

(d) all of these

(b) buffer stock

Ans. b


21. In the Vedic period, how many rivers flowed in the land of Punjab ?

(a) five

(c) seven

(b) six

(d) eight

Ans. c

22. When did Viceroy Lord Harding make Delhi the capital of India ?

(a) 1857 A.D.

(c) 1911 A.D.

(b) 1901 A.D.

(d) 1947 A.D.

Ans. c

23. Who is regarded as the most famous   emperor of the Lodhi dynasty ?

(a) Behlol Khan Lodhi

(b) Sikander Lodhi

(c) Ibrahim Lodhi

(d) All of these

Ans. b

24. According to which system of Hindu Nociety, a woman was burnt alive on the pyre of her husband ?

(a) Sati system

(c) Caste system

(d) Child marriage system

(b) Polygany system

Ans. a

25. What was the name of the mother of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ?

(a) Nanaki Ji

(c) Amro Ji

(b) Tripta Ji

(d) Gujari Ji

Ans. b

Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2021 with Solution

26. Where did Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji get the true knowledge ?

(a) Kartarpur

(c) Kurukshetra

(b) Goindwal

(d) Sultanpur Lodhi

Ans. d

27. Which Guru created the Banis of Var Malhar, Var Majh, Var Asa, Japuji, Onkar, Patti, Baramah etc. ?   

(a) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Ramdas Ji

(c) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

(d) Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Ans. a

28. Which Guru Ji put on the swords of Miri and Piri ?

(a) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

(b) Sri Guru Hargobind Ji

(c) Sri Guru Ramdas Ji

(d) Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Ans. b

29. Who was the first granth of Sri Harmandir Sahib ?

(a) Bhai Gurdas Ji

(b) Baba Buddha Ji

(c) Bhai Mani Singh

(d) Bhai Daya Singh

Ans. b

30. For not adopting which religion Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji was martyred at Chandni Chowk in Delhi ?

(a) Islam religion

(b) Christian religion

(c) Hindu religion

(d) Jain religion

Ans. a

31. What was the number of Singhs writing the Bedawa ?

(a) 40

(b) 45

(d) 55

(c) 50

Ans. a

32. Which of the following are the battles of the Pre-Khalsa period ?

(a) Battle of Nirmoh

(b) Battle of Bhangani

(c) Battle of Basoli

(d) Battle of Khidrana

Ans. b


33. In a democratic state who has the supreme power of governance ?

(a) Government

(b) People

(c) Court

(d) All of these

Ans. b

34. Which of the following characteristic is not found in the Indian Constitution ?

(a) Parliamentary government

(b) Federal government.

(c) Dictatorship government

(d) Democratic government

Ans. c

35. When was the Indian Constitution implemented ?

(a) 26 January, 1950

(b) 15 August, 1947

(c) 9 December, 1946

(d) 26 November, 1949

Ans. a

36. Who presides the activities of Rajya Sabha ?

(a) President

(b) Prime Minister

(c) Speaker

(d) Vice-President

Ans. d

37. ………… acts as a link between the President and the cabinet.

(a) Prime Minister

(b) Governor

(c) Speaker

(d) Vice-President

Ans. a

38. The bill which is concerned with the  government expenditure, tax imposition or rectifying or abolishing them or to borrow money, is called

(a) Money/Finance Bill

(b) Ordinary Bill

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Ans. a

39. The constitutional Head of the State is :

(a) President

(c) Governor

(b) Chief Minister

(d) Speaker

Ans. c

40. At the district level, the court of sessions judge is the biggest court whose head is … . 

(a) Sessions Judge

(b) Chief Judge

(c) High Court Judge

(d) All of these

Ans. a

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