MCQ on Protein Structure | Amino Acid MCQ with Answers pdf

Multiple choice Questions of Zoology Topic Protein Structure, Amino Acid MCQ with Answers (Amino Acids and Proteins) for NEET, GATE, AIAPGET, NEET MDS, NEET PG, DNB PDCET, AIIMS SS, PGIMER (Other), AIIMS PG and many more competitive examinations.

Protein Synthesis Questions and Answers pdf | MCQ on Protein Structure | Amino Acid MCQ with Answers pdf

1. Which of the following amino acids has an imino R-group?

(a) Cysteine 

(b) Glycine

(c) Alanine

(d) Proline

Ans. d

2. Out of the following amino acid, which one contains sulphur containing R-group?

(a) Leucine

(b) Tyrosine

(c) Cysteine

(d) Serine

Ans. c

3. The simplest amino acid with hydrogen atom as an R-group is  

(a) serine

(b) tryptophan

(c) glycine

(d) valine

Ans. c  

4. An amino acid with imidazole group is  

(a) histidine

(b) proline

(c) tyrosine

(d) lysine

Ans. a

5. An amino acid with guanidine group is

(a) arginine

(b) cysteine

(c) leucine

(d) valine

Ans. a

6. Which of the following statements is false?

(a) Amino acids have N-terminus, C-terminus and R-groups

(b) Amino acids are most soluble in water at their isoelectric point

(c) The net charge on an amino acid is a function of the pH of the solution

(d) Proline has an amino R-group

Ans. b

8. Which bond in the proteins has a partial double bond character?

(a) C-N 

(b) C.-N

(c) C-O

(d) Ca-C

Ans. a

9. Which of the following is/are correct?

I. Peptide bond is non planar.

II. Peptide bond has partial double bond character.

(a) Only II 

(b) Only I

(c) Both I and II

(d) Neither I nor II

Ans. b

10. The high solubility of amino acids in water is due to

(a) hydrophilic nature of the amino group

(b) unipolarity

(c) the presence of side chain

(d) bipolar ion structure

Ans. d

Protein Questions and Answers PDF

11. a-carbon of amino acids is chiral, except

(a) leucine

(b) arginine

(c) glycine

(d) valine

Ans. c

12. In the groups of amino acids indicated below, which one has side chain containing hydroxylic groups?

(a) Serine, threonine, tyrosine

(b) Leucine, valine

(C) Cysteine, methionine

(d) Glutarnine, tyrosine, serine

Ans. a

13. Which of the following is not true about alanine?

(a) Contains a branched side chain

(b) At pH 1, it will move towards the cathode

(c) At pH 1, the overall charge is +1

(d) At equimolar mixture of D and L, alanine does not rotate the plane polarised light

Ans. a

14. In an a-helix, hydrogen bonds are

(a) between polar amino acids and water

(b) between chains that run side by side

(c) within a single chain

(d) only between amino acids of opposite charge

Ans. c

15. Which one of the following amino acids is the uncharged derivative of an acidic amino acid?  

(a) Cysteine

(b) Tyrosine

(c) Glutamine

(d) Serine

Ans. c

16. Which one of the following amino acids is most compatible with an a-helical structure?

(a) Tryptophan

(b) Alanine  

(c) Leucine

(d) Proline

Ans. b

17. The greatest buffering capacity at physiological pH would be provided which of the following amino acid?  

(a) Serine

(b) Cysteine

(c) Alanine

(d) Histidine

Ans. d

18. In which one of the following amino acid myoglobin is likely to be localised highly within the interior of the molecule?

(a) Arginine

(b) Valine

(c) Aspartic acid

(d) Lysine

Ans. b

19. Glycine is

(a) optically inactive

(b) hydrophilic, basic and charged

(c) hydrophobic

(d) hydrophilic, acidic and charged

Ans. a

20. The amino acid found to be limiting in pulses,

(a) Leucine

(b) Lysine

(c) Methionine

(d) Glutamine

Ans. c

MCQs on Protein Structure and Function pdf |Amino Acids Peptides and Proteins

21. All of the mentioned amino acids can participale hydrogen bonding except 

(a) serine

(b) cysteine

(c) threonine

(d) valine

Ans. d

22. Glycine and proline are the most abundant amino acide the structure of

(a) haemoglobin 

(b) myoglobin

(c) insulin

(d) collagen

Ans. d

23. Which one of the following amino acid may be considered S-hydrophobic amino acid at the physiological pH 7.4? 

(a) Isoleucine

(b) Arginine

(c) Aspartic acid

(d) Threonine

Ans. a

24. The highest concentration of cystine can be found in

(a) melanin 

(b) keratin

(c) collagen

(d) myosin

Ans. b

25. Which of the following are rare amino acids to be found protein?

(a) Tryptophan and methionine

(b) Lysine

(c) Serine and leucine

(d) Glutamic acid and leucine

Ans. a

26. Richest source of protein is

(a) wheat

(b) sago 

(c) soybean

(d) rice

Ans. c

27. Which out of these is protein occurs in nature?

(a) Polyethylene

(b) Cellulose

(c) Terylene

(d) Silk and wool

Ans. d

28. Which amino acid is not optically active?  

(a) Glycine 

(b) Leucine

(c) Isoleucine

(d) Valine

Ans. a

29. Protein present in wheat grain is

(a) glutenin 

(b) albumin

(c) zymase

(d) glycogen

Ans. a

30. Amino acid present in histones are

(a) arginine and histidine

(b) arginine and lysine

(c) lysine and histidine

(d) arginine and cytosine

Ans. b

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