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Endocrinology Quiz | Questions to ask your endocrinologist

Q.1. When does the follicular maturation occur?

Ans. It occurs during the first half of the cycle.

Q.2. Write the hormones essential for follicular maturation?

Ans. (a) FSH.

(b) Small proportion of LH.

Q.3. Which Surge brings about Ovulation?

Ans. The LH Surge brings about Ovulation.

Q.4. What happens under the influence of FSH?

Ans. Under the influence of FSH about 20 graafian follicles develop & only one of them will be able to ovulate.

Q.5. Which hormones prevent the lysis of corpus luteum?

Ans. (a) HCG (human chorionic Gondotrophin) (b) HPL (Placental Lactogen).

Q.6. When do the functions of corpus luteum transfer to placenta?

Ans. At 6-8 weeks.

Q.7. Which organ acts as a temporarily new endocrine organ?

Ans. Placenta.

Q.8. When can HCG be detected in Maternal serum?

Ans. It is detected as early as 8-9 days following ovulation.

Q.9. In what disorders we can detect high levels HCG?

Ans. The disorders we can detect high levels of H are:

(a) Multiple Pregnancy

(b) H-Mole

(c) Down’s syndrome.

Q.10. When does HCG disappear?

Ans. HCG disappears from the circulation with 2 weeks following delivery.

Q.11. What does the value of HPL less than 5 kg/ml after 35th week indicate?

Ans. It indicates fetal distress & neonatal Asphyxia after delivery.

Q.12. When is HPL not detected?

Ans. It is not detected after 1st Post Partum day.

Q.13. When is pregnancy specific B-1 Glycoprotein detected?

Ans. It can be detected in the maternal serum as early as 7 days after Ovulation.

Q.14. What is the site of production of Oestrogen?

Ans. The site of its production is in syncytiotrophoblast.

Q.15. How can we detect pregnancy?

Ans. Presence of HCG can be detected by immunoassay and in urine by either biological immuno logical tests.

Q.16. When do the Immunological tests become +ve?

Ans. After 44 days of last menstrual period.

Q.17. Where from pregnancy specific B, Glyco protein (PSBG) is produced?

Ans. It is produced by the trophoblast and quickly reaching both the maternal blood stream and the amniotic fluid.

It can be detected in the Maternal Serum as early as 7 days after Ovulation. Its detection is used as a specfic test for pregnancy.

Q.18. Write about the Name the other protein hormones and write their functions.

Ans. These are:

(a) HCT

(c) TRH

(e) Inhibin

(b) HCG

(d) GnRH

(f) Activin


They speed up the activity of thyroid, adrenal cortex and pancreas to meet the additional demands of pregnancy.

Q.19. How many stages is the endocrine control of lactation divided?

Ans. It is divided into 4 stages.

(a) Preparation of breast (Mammogenesis)

(b) Breast-alveoli produce milk and secrete it (Lactogenesis)

(c) Ejection of milk (Galactokinesis)

(d) Maintenance of lactation (Galactopolesis)

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