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In the new year, bring diligence to something like this..

Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

We are not asking you to get away from work.  You do not have to waste time in work.  This means that whatever work is important, give it as much time and power.  Keep unused old prisons, newspapers etc. everyday.  What is the need to give them time apart?  Someone has sent you a funny video, why are you taking time to send it to ten people.

Avoiding Work | Evasive

Avoiding Work Evasive​

We all stop, but in tasks that we find long, boring and difficult.  You avoid things that are not important.  Like- friend asked that I am going for shopping.  If you will also go, then do not leave all the work and leave with him.  Avoid it with some excuse.  Avoid trapping yourself in unnecessary tasks.

Small Things Make A Big Difference

You can ask that if I keep doing small things always, then when will I do big things?  The answer is that big things are not done, they are done like this.  For example, you don’t write the entire book in one go.  You write one chapter at a time and eventually the whole book is prepared by meeting them.  There is no fear about the enormity of the work.  There is a saying that it is difficult for yards, but haunch – inch is easy.  So if you are afraid of heavy work, then start with small parts.

Learn To Work

Meaning keep increasing your information, keep updating yourself.  For example, you know very good typing.  Typewriters quickly and without mistakes on typewriters.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could learn a computer?  This will increase the quality of your typing work and you will be able to do more work in less time.

Time Management

time management

Take any work in hand, do not leave it without completing it.  If you leave, next time you will have to start afresh and it will take time to get into rhythm.  In this way, the work done in one and a half hours will be in two and a half hours in total.  Therefore, do the work that you have taken, in a fixed time, with full enthusiasm.  Do not do any other work in between.

How To Stay Motivated Everyday

When the new year has started, it is not that you will suddenly feel inspired.  Think about the changes you really want to make and why.  For example, if you want to lose weight, do some people have to do it to prove it or do it on the advice of the doctor. These are external inspirations that will not make you reach your goal.

Short Term Goals | Smart Goal

Short Term Goals Smart Goal

If you want the New Year resolution to be fulfilled, then stop setting long goals, and set easy goals.  If you want to be physically strong, then do not set a goal of gyming for one hour for three days a week.  Start going to the gym once a week for only half an hour.  If you do this for a few months, then start going twice a week.  Small wins will lead to big wins.

Importance of Goal Setting | What is Goal in life

It is good to set goals but how to achieve them.  If you want to earn more money then what steps will be taken to do this and how much extra money will be required to reach the goal.  Is it possible to do overtime or are you thinking about promotion.  Do you have to take classes to learn new skills?  The more you understand the goal, the easier it will be.

To Do List Ideas | Making Shortlist

to do list ideas

Experts say that if your goals are many, then choose the one that attracts the most.  After that write it down.  In this way you not only start thinking about your goals but also make them sit in your mind.  When people talk about their goals, there will be a desire to achieve them.  The more you think about your goals, the more you will try to achieve them.

Avoid Prejudices

Prejudices Reduction

These days, there is also concern for the future with your health.  In such an environment, stress is very bad for health.  An alternative way to avoid this suggests that we can use stress for health well-being.  How much stress we are taking does not determine its effect.  Prejudice matters more.

Regular Exercise

regular exercise

Exercise can make withdrawal easier when stress becomes excessive.  The study suggests that regular exercise increases the level of a chemical in the brain that maintains mindfulness and flexibility.

Victory Over Fear

victory over fear

If stress persists for a long time, it can permanently damage health.  The American psychotherapist had advised his patients not to spend more than an hour a day discussing the news and fears related to Kovid-19.  Use the rest of the day for cheerful activities and creative pursuits.

How To Motivate Employees As a Manager

How To Motivate Employees As a Manager

Employees have expectations from you, keep encouraging them not to give up

Motivation in Teamwork

This is how you can inspire a tired team in the new year 2020 has been a difficult year for all and it seems as if the whole world is tired.  There is a lot you can do to increase the fluency of your team.  First, everyone’s focus should be on what is important for the long term, not on what seems important for now.  Second, be sympathetic.  Your employees have higher expectations than you, try to fulfill them.  But at the same time motivate them to fight challenges, encourage them not to give up.  Third, keep looking for ways to inject new energy into your team every day.  Tell them success stories of people, have contests and shorten long zoom meetings.  You have to remodel yourself as a leader in the new year.

Showing Gratitude

2020 was challenging, do not leave the hand of humility in 2021 When people are under stress, it is very likely that they can treat people around them poorly.  Research suggests that in such a situation, humility is very important.  This will motivate people and the work environment will not be spoiled.  Be ideal for people.  Try to personally thank every employee for their efforts in 2020 or take some time to express their gratitude.  To praise the employees, a board can also be placed on the wall with pictures of them.  Can express gratitude in meetings.  In this meeting, team members can also thank them for the special thing they felt.  There could not be a better time to express gratitude when everyone is entering the new year with thousands of expectations building.

Zeigarnik Effect | New Challenges

If there is little time, become a mentor of a junior colleague You have recently completed a big project and there is still a week or two to get another one.  In the meantime, what will you do with the free time you have got.  Such days often come in between work, which is worrying.  This can also cause anxiety.  It is very good if you use this time to complete your unfinished tasks, pay attention to your priorities or just relax.  Think about giving yourself new challenges.  You can also use this time by helping people or you can become a mentor of a junior colleague.  This is also a good time to finish small, useless pending tasks.  It will be very reassuring to remove these small works from your to-do list.  You will feel more productive.

How to be more Productive in Life

how to be more productive in life

Super productive people do these 3 things differently

Put First Things First | Do The Most Important Thing First

If you are scheduling your work, then check that during which time of the day you are most energized.  If you are more energetic in the morning, then plan the most challenging tasks of the day in the morning.  The afternoon and evening tasks may be slightly less demanding.

Less use of mouse

A study of Brainscape describes how we waste time with just mouse scrolling.  According to the study, we waste two seconds out of every minute.  Whereas we can work better with key board short cuts.  Which enhances our productivity.

Changes in Behaviour | Behavioural Modification

Continuous change is necessary for productivity.  If you are really fond of reading, then definitely keep a shelf in every room in the house.  You will notice that your reading time has increased.  If you want to distance yourself from social media, you can remove these apps.

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