International English Olympiad IEO [Top 500+ Questions]

International English Olympiad [Top 500+ Questions]: We will cover Questions regarding the English Olympiad.


1. Admire

A. Praise

B. Quality

C. Possess

D. Insult

Ans. A

2. Adult

A. Infant

B. Juvenile

C. Mature

D. Undeveloped

Ans. C

3. Alien

A. Proper

B. Stranger

C. Different

D. Freak

Ans. B

4. Bitterness

A. Mildness

B. Kindness

D. Sweetness

C. Acrimony

Ans. C

5. Blessed

A. Holy

B. Curse

D. Immortal

C. Condemned

Ans. A

6. Busy

A. Active

B. Weary

C. Preoccupied

D. Ignorant

Ans. A

7. Delivered

A. Bundled

B. Spread

C. Dispatched

D. Displayed

Ans. C

8. Diligent

A. Fool

B. Unhappy

C. Hardworking

D. Disappoint

Ans. C

9. Elect

A. Choose

B. Vote-out

C. Reject

D. Deny

Ans. A

10. Eventually

A. Suddenly

B. Ultimately

C. Quickly

D. Initially

Ans. B

11. Fiction

A. Biography

B. Real

C. Factual

D. Imaginary

Ans. D

12. Fragile

A. Valid

B. Strong

C. Delicate

D. Frank

Ans. C

13. fright

A. Calmness

B. Disappoint

C. Scare

D. Thrill

Ans. C

14. Fugitive

A. Escapee

B. Enduring

C. Weak

D. Permanent

Ans. A

15 Glory

A. Criticism

B. Obscurity

C. Scorn

D. Honour

Ans. D

16. Goods

A. Quality

B. Transport

C. Material

D. Upright

Ans. C

17. Graphic

A. Obscure

B. Implicit

C. Visual

D. Vague

Ans. C

18. Guide

A. Follower

B. Mentor

C. Front

D. Order

Ans. B

19. Initiative

A. Apathy

B. Inventiveness

C. Confidence

D. Desire

Ans. B

20 Lethal

A. Lively

B. Deadly

C. Beneficial

D. Wholesome

Ans. B

21. Liberal

A. Miserly

B. Generous

C. Visionary

D. Imaginative

Ans. B

22. Postpone

A. Delay

B. Deliver 

C. Forward

D. Hurry

Ans. A

23. Predominant

A. Subordinate

B. Important

C. Secondary

D. Inferior 

Ans. B

24. Presume

A. Resume

B. Assume

C. Calculate

D. Vision

Ans. B

25. Prohibit

A. Prescribe

B. Allow

C. Forbid

D. Provide

Ans. C

26. Relief

A. Annoyance

B. Respite

C. Hindrance

D. Injury

Ans. B

27. Renowned

A. Introvert

C. Unknown

B. Extrovert

D. Famous

Ans. D

28. Rescue

A. Peril

B. Danger

C. Pitfall

D. Save

Ans. D

29. Scheduled

A. Backward

B. System

C. Unseemly

D. Listed

Ans. D

30. Shiver

A. Fear

B. Terrible

C. Shake
D. Mend

Ans. C

31. Swift

A. Move

B. Speedy

C. Leisurely

D. Sluggish

Ans. B

32. Surprise

A. Composure

B. Anticipation

C. Amazement

D. Indifference

Ans. C

33. Synopsis

A. Index

B. Mixture

C. Puzzle

D. Summary

Ans. D

34. Unusual

A. Unexceptional

B. Uncommon

C. Unnoteworthy

D. Unimportant

Ans. B

35. Valour

A. Cowardice

B. Wise

C. Courage

D. Beautiful

Ans. C


1 Acquit

A. Freedom

B. Forgive

C. Condemn

D. Reject

Ans. C

2. Affirm

A. Accept

B. Deny

C. Allow

D. Welcome

Ans. B

3. Ancestor

A. Descendant

B. Forefather

C. Precursor

D. Grandparent

Ans. A

4. Ancient

A. Old

B. Antique

C. Modern

D. Prehistoric

Ans. C

5. Authentic

A. Factual

B. Trustworthy

C. Original

D. Unreal

Ans. A

6. Bold

A. Brave

B. Timid

C. Incredible

D. Courageous

Ans. A

7. Comical

A. Humorous

B. Wacky

C. Serious

D. Crazy

Ans. C

8. Confident

A. Diffident

B. Wise

C. Intelligent

D. Invincible

Ans. A

9. Defensive

A. Safe

B. Offensive

C. Escape

D. Protective

Ans. B

10. Destroy

A. Finish

B. Ruin

C. Operate

D. Create

Ans. D

11. Effective

A. Affective

B. Impressive

C. Suitable

D. Incapable

Ans. D

12. Examine

A. Inspect

B. Ignore

C. Analyze

D. Probe

Ans. B

13. Fixed

A. Established

B. Confirmed

C. Undecided

D. Immobile

Ans. C

14. Fnrious

A. Calm

B. Crazy

C. Angry

D. Violent

Ans. A

15. Gallant

A. Fun

B. Bold

C. Coward

D. Frolic

Ans. C

16. Generous

A. Miserly

B. Noble

C. Liberal

D. Lavish

Ans. A

17. Genuine

A. Literal

B. Exact

C. Faithful

D. Fake

Ans. D

18. Idle

A. Sluggish

B. Static

C. Torpid

D. Active

Ans. D

19. Inferior

A. Secondary

B. Superior

C. Subsidiary

D. Minor

Ans. B

20. Knowledge

A. Awareness

B. Ignorance

C. Wisdom

D. Learning

Ans. B

21. Living

A. Existence

B. Persisting

C. Lifeless 

D. Livelihood

Ans. C

22. Moisture

A. Wetness

C. Dampness

B. Dryness

D. Roughness

Ans. B

23. Privilege

A. Opportunity

B Benefit

C. Freedom

D. Disadvantage

Ans. D

24. Quit

A. Remain

B. Depart

C. Leave

D. Abandon

Ans. A

25. Rarely

A. Hardly

B. Frequently

C. Definitely

D. Absolutely

Ans. B

26. Recalled

A. Forgotten

B. Recollection

C. Rejected

D. Reminiscence

Ans. A

27. Rigid

A. Merciless

C. Lenient

B. Generous

D. Tolerant

Ans. C

28. Save

A. Spend

B. Protect

C. Beat

D. Help

Ans. A

29. Serious

A. Thoughtful

B. Insincere

C. Sad

D. Funny


30. Sharp

A. Fast

B. Quick

C. Fine

D. Blunt

Ans. D

31. Spread

A. Prepare

B. Diffusion

C. Collect

D. Increase

Ans. C

32. Thankful

A. Obliged

B. Ungrateful

C. Request

D. Pleased

Ans. B

33. Trust

A. Cheat

B. Doubt

C. Real

D. Faith

Ans. B

34. Unique

A. Rare

B. Different

C. Common

D. Solo

Ans. C

35. Worried

A. Untroubled

B. Upset

C. Afraid

D. Anxious

Ans. A

Analogies and Spellings

A. Pick the word which means differently from the following group of words:

1. Prohibit, Prevent, Block, Forbid, Allow, Distress Deny

A. Prevent

B. Allow

C. Block

D. Deny

Ans. B

2. Profit, Gain, Failure, Improvement, Utility, value

A. Failure

B. Utility

C. Gain

D. Profit

Ans. A

3. Sustain, Maintain, Keep, Block, Uphold, Decrease Bear

A. Uphold

B. Maintain

C. Sustain

D. Block

Ans. D

4. Decline, Increase, Advancement, Growth, Development, Progression

A. Growth

B. Progression

C. Decline

D. Increase

Ans. C

5. Associate, Companion, Familiar, Partner, Pal, Opponent

A. Companion

B. Pal

C. Opponent

D. Familiar

Ans. D

6. Honour, Renown, Disgrace, Splendor, Fame, Brilliance

A. Fame

B. Renown

C. Splendor

D. Disgrace

Ans. B

7. Gladness, Joy, Rapture, Cheer, Delight, Distress

A. Cheer

B. Distress

C. Rapture

D. Delight

Ans. B

8. Right, Appropriate, Proper, Unfit, Fair, Decent

A. Proper

B. Unfit

C. Appropriate

D. Fair

Ans. B

9. Raise, Uplift, Erect, Grow, Arouse, Decrease

A. Decrease

B. Uplift

C. Erect

D. Arouse

Ans. A

10. Settle, Displace, Transfer, Separate, Shift, Displant

A. Transfer

B. Displant

C. Displace

D. Settle

Ans. D

11. Decline, Reject, Deny, Revoke, Protest, Grant

A. Deny

B. Grant

C. Protest

D. Decline

Ans. B

12. Fortunate, Destitute, Poor, Adverse, Abject, Pitiful

A. Destitute

B. Adverse

C. Poor

D. Fortunate

Ans. D

13. Integrity, Harmony, Oneness, Union, Diversity, Entity

A. Union

B. Harmony

C. Diversity

D. Integrity

Ans. C

14. Cure, Renovate, Heal, Restore, Remove, Renew

A. Remove

B. Cure

C. Renew

D. Heal

Ans. A

B. Mark the option with the correct spelling of the given words:


A. Address

B. Addrass

C. Adress

D. Addres

Ans. A


A. Allergy

B. Alargy

C. Ellergy

D. Alergy

Ans. A


A. Appresiation

B. Aprecieation

C. Appreciation

D. Appriciation

Ans. C


A. Burocracy

B. Bureocracy

C. Bureacracy

D. Bureaucracy

Ans. D


A. Collegue

C. Colleegue

B. Colleague

D. Coligue

Ans. B


A. Emergancy

B. Emargancy

C. Emergency

D. Emergensy

Ans: C


A. Feathers

B. Fethers

C. Feathars

D. Faethers

Ans. A


A. Forign

C. Foregn

B. Foreigan

D. Foreign

Ans. D


A. Herbevirous

B. Herbivirus

C. Herbevarous

D. Herbivorous

Ans. D


A. Interfere

B. Interfare

C. Interfair

D. Interfear

Ans. A


A. Mispell

B. Misspal

C. Misspell

D. Mispel

Ans. C


A. Museum

B. Musium

C. Museam

D. Museeum

Ans. A


A. Necessary

B. Nessessary

C. Neccesary

D. Necesry

Ans. A


A. Symitary

B. Symmitary

C. Symetary

D. Symmetry

Ans. D


A. Temprary

B. Temporary

C. Temporaree

D. Tempreary

Ans. B


A. Vocablary

B. Vocablery

C. Vocabulary

D. Voceblory

Ans. C

C. Mark the option with the incorrect spelling of the given words:


A. Blight

B. Blithe

C. Boroww

D. Bandit

Ans. B


A. Exite

B. Exit

C. Extend

D. Extempore

Ans. A


A. Incessant

B. Incense

C. Incorrigible

D. Incongrous

Ans. D

One Word Substitutions, Proverbs, Facts and Opinions

A. Select one word for the given definitions:

1. A person who believes in the existence of God-

A. Atheist

B. Theist

C. Agnostic

D. Pacifist

Ans. B

2. A book or work of art whose author is not known-

A. Anonymous

B. Playwright

C. Novelist

D. Poet

Ans. A

3. One who takes up arms against the government-

A. Loyalist

B. Patriot

C. Enemy

D. Rebel

Ans. D

4. Goods sent from one country to another for trade- for the people-

A. Import

B. Export

C. Democracy

D. Bureaucracy

Ans. B

5. A disease which spreads through air and water-

A. Virus

B. Antiseptic

C. Infectious

D. Disastrous

Ans. C

6. One who loves one’s country-

A. Revolutionary

B. Spy

C. Patriot

D. Traitor

Ans. C

7. A person who looks upon the bright side of life-

A. Innocent

B. Pessimist

C. Pacifist

D. Optimist

Ans. D

8. The branch of science which deals with the of heavenly bodies such es the sun, stars and planets-

A. Astrology

B. Histrionic

C. Geology

D. Astronomy

Ans. D

9. One who eats too much-

A. Vegetarian

B. Cannibal

C. Glutton

D. Herbivorous

Ans. C

10. A government by one person-

A. Aristocracy

B. Autocracy

C. Democracy

D. Bureaucracy

Ans. B

11. A government by the people, of the people,

A. Aristocracy

B. Autocracy

C. Passport

D. Deliver

Ans. C

12. The life-history of a man written by himself-

A. Biography

B. Autobiography

C. Novel

D. Drama

Ans. B

13. One who works for the welfare of women-

A. Philogynist

B. Misogynist

C. Egoist

D. Feminist

Ans. D

14. Movement from one country to another-

A. Transfer

B. Shift

C. Entrance

D. Immigration

Ans. D

15. One who leads others in any field-

A. Boss

B. Chairman

C. Officer

D. Pioneer

Ans. D

16. One who cannot die-

A. Mortal

B. Invincible

C. Powerful

D. Immortal

Ans. D

B. Complete the following proverbs:

17. The apple doesn’t far from the

A. river

B. farm

C. tree

D. sky

Ans. C

18. A bad man is better than a bad ____

A. name

B. cloth

C. woman

D. boy

Ans. A

19. A bird in the hand is worth __

A. one in the sky

B. two in the bush

C. two in the pocket

D. two on the this

Ans. B

20. A little knowledge is a__ thing.

A. sweet

B. profitable

C. good

D. dangerous

Ans. D

21. Save life __

A. save all

B. no body

C. save me

D. kill life

Ans. A

22. Might is _

A. tight

C. right

B. quiet

D. flight

Ans. C

23. An empty mind is the ___

A. God’s house

B. giant’s office

C. devil’s workshop

D. man’s office

Ans. C

24. Practice makes a man __

A. perfect

B. idle

C. angry

D. handsome

Ans. A

25. First deserve then

A. snatch

B. rob

C. desire

D. give

Ans. C

26. A wise foe is better than

A. a foolish relative

B. a foolish friend

C. a wise son

D. an intelligent father

Ans. B

27. Excess of __

A. anything is habit

B. everything is bad

C. anything is success

D. everything is correct

Ans. B

28. Necessity is the _____

A. father of earning

B. brother of imagination

C. sister of crime

D. mother of invention

Ans. D

C. Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idioms or proverbs:

29. A blessing in disguise

A. Something bad that isn’t recognised.

B. Something flood that isn’t recognised initially.

C. Neither good nor bad.

D. None of the above.

Ans. B

30. A penny saved is a penny earned

A. By not spending money, you are saving it.

B. Every penny that you earn should be saved

C. Saving money is very important.

D. None of the above.

Ans. A

31. At the drop of a hat

A. Falling when the hat falls.

B. Do something when the hat falls.

C. Unwilling to do anything.

D. Willing to do something immediately.

Ans. D

32. A piece of cake

A. A task that can be completed easily.

B. Eating a piece of cake is very easy.

C. A task which should be accomplished at any cost.

D. None of the above.

Ans. A

33. All in the same boat

A. Everybody in a boat about to sink.

B. Everybody facing the same crisis or problem.

C. The boat which can accommodate everybody.

D. None of the above.

Ans. B

D. From the sentences given below, identify which sentence is a fact and which is an opinion:


a. India is the only country other than US and Japan, to have built a supercomputer in digenously.

b. Korea may have also built the super-computer indigenously.

c. Germany may also have built the supercomputer indigenously.

A. a is a fact, b and c are opinions.

B. a, b and c are facts.

C. a, b and c are opinions.

D. a is an opinion, b and c are facts.

Ans. A


a. Our body is made up of trillions of cells.

b. The human heart beats more than 100,000 times a day.

c. More than seventy percent of the human body contains water.

A. a, b and c are opinions.

B. a, b and c are facts.

C. Only a is a fact.

D. Only c is an opinion.

Ans. B

Sentences and Sentence Sequencing

A. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate option:

1. _________you like to drink milk twice daily? 

A. When

B. Does

C. Do

D. What

Ans. C

2. ______Dhoni still the number one international player?

A. How

B. Does

C. Has

D. Is

Ans. D

3. __should I do, if I am caught?

A. Is

B. Which

C. Why

D. What

Ans. D

4. ____will Halley’s Comet appear next?

A. Which

B. When

C. Where

D. What

Ans. B

5. ____has taken my new red pen?

A. Who

B. Why

C. Where

D. What

Ans. A

6.   ___you ever travelled in an aeroplane?

A. Has

B. Had

C. Hasn’t

D. Haven’t

Ans. D

7. ______Ranjit get good marks in the Mathematics test?

A. Has

B. Don’t  

C. Hasn’t

D. Didn’t

Ans. D

8. Deepti is not too good in her studies______?

A. is she

B. isn’t she

c. aren’t she

D. are she

Ans. A

9 Amitabh Bachchan is an excellent entertainer, _____?

A. is he

B. isn’t he

C. wasn’t he

D. was he

Ans. B

10. You will have your lunch before you go to Mumbai, ___?

A. weren’t you

B. will you

C. isn’t you

D. won’t you

Ans. D

11. I think India will win today’s match, ____?

A. don’t you

B. do you

C. didn’t you

D. did you

Ans. A

12.   dress should I wear for the party tonight?

A. How

B. What

C. Which

D. When

Ans. C

13. should we go for vacation, once our exams are over?

A. Where

B. Why

C. What

D. Who

Ans. A

14. Pleasing is the smell of the fresh cut grass,

A. is it

C. hasn’t it

B. isn’t it

D. won’t it

Ans. B

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