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Multiple choice questions of Subject Business Studies MCQs Topic Controlling MCQs class 12 | Business Studies, Controlling MCQs with Answers pdf ( Controlling MCQ with Answers Quiz ) for Entrances (Entrance Exam) Conducted by different Central and State Universities are given below.

Controlling MCQs | Controlling Quiz | Class 12 Business Studies

1. Controlling means ensuring that activities in an organisation are performed as per the ..

(a) plans

(b) goals

(c) resources

(d) None of these

Ans. (a)

2. Which of the following describes the nature of controlling?

(a) Goal oriented process

(c) Continuous process

(b) Pervasive function

(d) All of these

Ans. (d)

3. Controlling provides direction to all activities of each department and employee, which helps in establishing

(a) organising

(c) planning among them.

(b) directing

(d) co-ordination

Ans. (d)

4. Textile manufacturer Super textiles reported 43% fall in its profits in the fourth quarter ended 31st March, 2021, which is beyond the acceptable range of 25% decided by the company. This was due to higher fuel cost and lower yield on account of demonetization. The to implement cost saving measures by restructuring contracts and its business processes to meet its targets in the future. Name the function of management discussed above.

(a) Planning

(c) Staffing

(b) Organising

(d) Controlling

Ans. (d)

6. Mr. Albert is working as a Head, Product Development, at Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited. He provides such opportunities to his employees that are necessary company aims for their skill development and promotion. All these efforts have improved the employees’ motivation to achieve the desired targets in time. Name the point of importance, the manager has tried to achieve in the controlling process.

(a) Judging accuracy of standards

(b) Improves employees motivation

(c) Ensures order and discipline

(d) Facilitates co-ordination in action

Ans. (b)

6. In an organisation, all the workers take things easy and it has also resulted in loss of secrecy and confidential information being leaked out. To supervise the affairs of the workers, the company decides to install Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVS), which the employees consider as restriction on their freedom. Identify the limitation of controlling the company is suffering.

(a) Ensure order and discipline

(b) Resistance to change

(c) Judging accuracy of standards

(d) None of the above

Ans. (b)

7. Mahima Jain is the Senior Manager in the Advisory Services Department of Kodes Ltd. She regularly prepares performance reports of her subordinates as a part of the appraisal. Identify the step of the controlling process performed by her.

(a) Analysing Deviations

(b) Measurement of Actual Performance

(c) Taking Corrective Actions

(d) Setting Performance Standlards

Ans. (b)

8. Which of the following is the limitation of controlling?

(a) Little control on external factors

(b) Resistance from employees

(e) Difficulty in setting quantitative standards

(d) All of the above

Ans. (d)

9. Which of the following examples is suitable for the stage ‘analysing deviations?

(a) High labour turnover

(c) Budgeted production

(b) Deficit production

(d) Actual production

Ans. (a)

10. Kapil. Kamal & Co. is a large manufacturing unit. Recently the company had conducted time and motion studies and concluded that on an average, worker could produce 300 units per day. However, was been noticed that the average daily production of a worker is in the range of 200-225 nits. Identify the step in the process of controlling which helped in finding out that the actual production of worker is less than the set turget.

(A) setting standards

(b) Measurement of actual performance

(c) Comparison of actual with standard performance

(d) Taking corrective actions

Ans. (c)

11. Under controlling of HR area, corrective action must be taken for

(a) high labour turnover rate

(b) low labour turnover rate

(c) zero labour turnover rate

(d) low labour absentecism

Ans . (a)

12. Which of the following statements signifies the deviations?

(a) Wastage is reduced due to initiatives taken by workers.

(b) Workers may become more responsible due to provision of amenities and incentives.

(c) Carelessness while handling tools and machines.

(d) None of the above

Ans. C)

13. For the following two statements, choose the correct option.

Statement I “Routine problems should be left the subordinates” is governed by the principle, “Management by exception.

Statement II Management by exception principle suggest that, if manager tries to control everything. he may end up in controlling nothing.

Alternatives (a) Statement I is correct and Statement Il is wrong

(b) Statement II is correct and Statement I is wrong

(c) Both the statements are correct

(d) Both the statements are incorrect

Ans. (c)

14. If normal wastage of stationary (which is 5% of total cost) has increased by 40% whereas the normal wastage in the raw material (which is 10% of total cost) increases merely by 5%, identify the principle governing the wastage in an organisation.

(a) Critical point control

(b) Management by exception

(c) Taking corrective actions

(d) Span of management

Ans. (a)

15. Mr. Martin is working as a production manager in Cairn India Limited. He is assisted by qualified and competent workforce. Employees feel accomplished and their zeal to work gives good rise to production. However, it led to increase in labour cost from acceptable range of 2% to 5% by the end of the year, which needed immediate attention of the management. Identify the governing principle that relates to the above deviation of labour cost.

(a) Critical Point Control

(b) Management by Exception

(c) Taking Corrective Actions

(d) Span of Management

Ans. (b)

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