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YouTube Incognito: It is now official that, after Google, YouTube is the second most widely used search engine on the planet. And to reiterate that it is in fact used as a search engine on its own!

The number of YouTube users worldwide has surpassed 1 billion, and it keeps increasing. Every day, more than 4 billion people watch videos on YouTube, and in 2012, that number was well over a trillion!

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What is YouTube Incognito?

YouTube Incognito

Every video you watch and every search you do on YouTube will typically be saved in your history if you are logged in. As a result, you will see more of these videos in your YouTube stream and your YouTube recommendations will be affected.

You can watch videos anonymously when you are using Youtube incognito feature and prevents them from being saved to your search or watch history. When you exit private mode, nothing you watch in Youtube incognito mode will be left behind. In essence, your search as well as viewing history is erased when you disable Incognito mode. Keep in mind that anything you do in Youtube Incognito mode remains anonymous.

However, the corporation closely monitors everything you do on this platform, regardless of whether what you’re seeing is legal or not in the chosen zone. YouTube has the same rights access all of your personal preferences as stated in its privacy policy, which is why Incognito Mode for YouTube was created to protect users from such stalking activity. However, videos viewed in Youtube Incognito mode won’t affect your YouTube recommendations as a result. In Incognito mode, you can browse without really signing off. You will automatically sign back in to YouTube when you disable Incognito mode. This blog will show you exactly how to use YouTube’s Incognito mode to make your browsing activity more private.

Additionally, because you have checked out of your account, you are unable to interact with a YouTube video while it is playing in Incognito mode. In other words, you are unable to subscribe to a channel, like, or add a video to your watch list. Anytime you attempt to carry out such an operation, you will be prompted to log in, disabling Youtube Incognito mode.

The Youtube Incognito mode only conceals activity from Google account and the device and, so please be aware of that. Google, the Internet service provider, your employer, and other parties can still see it. Even in Incognito mode, they can still monitor your online behaviour.

How to Turn on YouTube Incognito Mode?

The steps to enable YouTube Incognito mode are as follows:

  1. Open the Youtube app on your device.
  2. Now tap on the account symbol at the above right corner.

YouTube Incognito


  1. Along with other options, your account information will be displayed. Select “Turn on Incognito” option.

YouTube Incognito

  1. You will see a confirmation screen. Click Got it. YouTube Incognito
  2. When you are in incognito mode, a black banner with the words “You’re Incognito” at the bottom will appear.YouTube Incognito

How to Turn off YouTube Incognito Mode?

If you are inactive for one and half hour, the Incognito mode will shut off automatically. After the mentioned time period, a pop-up stating that you have been signed into your Google account will appear when you launch the YouTube app, indicating that Incognito mode has been disabled.

On iPhone or Android, however, you can manually disable YouTube’s Incognito mode by doing the following:

  1. Tap the Incognito symbol at the top of the YouTube app. The symbol is located where you would normally find the icon for your profile image.YouTube Incognito
  2. There will be a menu. Click the Turn Incognito button.YouTube Incognito
  3. The Google account that you were logged into before selecting Incognito mode will be automatically restored. YouTube will now resume keeping track of your viewing and searching history.

How to Pause Watch or Search History on YouTube?

The aforementioned technique affects YouTube recommendations and search/watch history. What if you want to temporarily turn off search and viewing history? You can stop either of them without using Incognito mode for that. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Tap the icon for your profile image in the YouTube app.
  2. Now select Settings option.YouTube Incognito
  3. Now select History & Privacy option.YouTube Incognito
  4. Depending on your needs, turn on the options pause search history or Pause watch history.YouTube Incognito

If you activate Pause watch history, any new videos you watch won’t be recorded in your YouTube history, so they won’t impact YouTube recommendations. Similar to this, when Pause search history is activated, YouTube will stop logging future search histories.

Please be aware that the two settings are separate from one another and that turning them on will have no effect on previous history. Return to the same screen to make the changes if you want to disable either of the settings.

How to Enable Music YouTube Incognito Mode?

Sadly, Youtube Incognito mode is not available on YouTube Music. To ensure that your recommendations are unaffected, you can, however, stop your search or watch history. Go to Privacy & location in the YouTube Music Settings. Depending on your needs, enable Pause watch history or Pause search history.

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