Vitamins Quiz Multiple Choice | Mineral Nutrition mcq

Multiple choice Questions of Zoology Topic Vitamins Quiz Multiple Choice , Mineral Nutrition mcq ( Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes ) for NEET, GATE, AIAPGET, NEET MDS, NEET PG, DNB PDCET, AIIMS SS, PGIMER (Other), AIIMS PG and many more competitive examinations.

Vitamins Quiz Multiple Choice | Mineral Nutrition mcq

1. Which vitamin is required for the absorption of calcium from the gut?

(a) Vitamin-K 

(b) Vitamin-B

(c) Vitamin-D

(d) Vitamin-E

Ans. c

2. Which vitamin increases the absorption of iron from the gut?

(a) Vitamin-C 

(b) Vitamin-K

(c) Vitamin-D

(d) Vitamin-E

Ans. a

3. The active coenzyme of vitamin-D is

(a) calcidiol 

(b) caiciferol

(c) calcitriol

(d) None of these

Ans. b

4. Pantothenic acid is important for which of the following steps or pathways?

(a) Fatty acid synthesis

(b) Gluconeogenesis

(c) Pyruvate carboxylase

(d) Glycolysis

Ans. a

5. Sideroblastic anaemia occurs due to the deficiency of

(a) vitamin-B6

(b) vitamin-B3

(c) vitamin-B1

(d) vitamin-B12

Ans. a

6. All are signs of niacin deficiency except

(a) hair loss

(b) diarrhoea

(c) dementia

(d) dermatitis

Ans. a

7. Thiamine deficiency leads to 

(a) beri-beri 

(b) pellagra

(c) scurvy

(d) night blindness

Ans. a

8. If a person develops a complete carnivorous life style which vitamin is most likely to become deficienz

(a) Cobalamin 

(b) Vitamin-C

(c) Niacin

(d) Thiamine

Ans. b

9. Which of the following is not a dietary antioxidant?

(a) Vitamin-C

(b) B-carotene

(c) Vitamin-K

(d) Lipoic acid  

Ans. c

10. Biotin is involved in which type of reactions?

(a) Dehydrations

(b) Carboxylations

(c) Hydroxylations

(d) Decarboxylations  

Ans. b

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11. Which vitamin is necessary for coenzyme-A synthesise

(a) Pantothenic acid 

(b) Biotin

(c) Pyridoxine

(d) Ascorbic acid

Ans. a

12. Which of the following vitamins does not act as, precursor for coenzymes?

(a) Ascorbic acid

(b) Folic acid 

(c) Thiamine

(d) Biotin

Ans. a

13. Choose the incorrect statement about active site of an enzyme.

(a) The active site is a three dimensional cleft

(b) The active site takes up a large part of the total volume of an enzyme

(c) Substrate are bound to enzymes by multiple weak interactions

(d) The specificity of binding depends on the precisely defined arrangement of atoms in an active site

Ans. b

14. Which of the following is a substrate specific enzymet

(a) Hexokinase

(b) Decarboxylase

(c) Thiokinase

(d) Lactase  

Ans. d

15. The conversion of pyruvate to oxaloacetate needs participation of which of the following as coenzymet

(a) Biotin 

(b) NAD


(d) None of these

Ans. a

16. An enzyme that catalyses the conversion of an aldose to a ketose sugar would be classified as one of the

(a) isomerases 

(b) hydrolases

(c) axidoreductases

(d) transferases

Ans. a

17. The enzyme where catalysis involves transfer of electrons are named as

(a) lyases 

(b) oxidoreductases

(c) transferases

(d) isomerases

Ans. b

18. Ribozymes are

(a) RNAS with enzyme activity

(b) enzymes which use ribose as substrates

(c) enzyme RNA complexes

(d) enzymes working on DNA

Ans. a

19. Abzymes are

(a) enzymes that hydrolyse antibodies

(b) also referred as zymogens

(c) antibodies that have catalytic activities

(d) enzymes that are highly specific like antibodies

Ans. c

20. The Km of an enzyme is

(a) the substrate concentration that gives half maximal velocity

(b) a dissociation constant

(c) one half of the V max

(d) the substrate concentration that gives maximal velocity

Ans. a

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21. Zymogen is the

(a) The inactive form of an enzyme activated by cleavage

(b) The unfolded form of the enzyme

(c) The active form of an enzyme

(d) The complex formed between an enzyme and its substrate

Ans. a

22. Isozymes can be characterised by

(a) the different chemical reactions that they catalyse

(b) the differences in their elution profile from a size exclusion column

(c) differences in their amino acid sequences

(d) All of the above

Ans. c

23. Lower value of Michaelis constant shows

(a) greater affinity of the enzyme for the substrate

(b) enzyme is allosteric

(c) less affinity of the enzyme for the substrate

(d) None of the above

Ans. a

24. Which molecule binds the active site of an enzymet

(a) Competitive inhibitor

(b) Non-competitive inhibitor

(c) Allosteric intvitbitor

(d) Aliosteric activator

Ans. a

25. Which of the following is true about non-competitive inhibition?

(a) Km increases 

(b) V max decreases

(c) V max increases

(d) Km decreases

Ans. b

26. Which of the following vitamins are produced by symbiotic bacteria in humans?

(a) Vitamin-B and K 

(b) Vitamin-A and B

(c) Vitarmin-E

(d) Vitamin-D

Ans. a

27. Beri-beri is

(a) communicable disease 

(b) Intectious disease

(c) deficiency disease

(d) None of these

Ans. c

28. Vitamin-B12 is involved in formation of coenzyme

(a) NAD, NADP 

(b) FMN, FAD

(c) NAD, FAD


Ans. b

29. Which one of the following is a trace element for animal body?

(a) Phosphorus 

(b) Magnesium

(c) Chlorine

(d) Manganese

Ans. d

30. Which one of the following vitamins can be synthesised by humans?

(a) C

(b) A

(c) E

(d) B

Ans. b

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31. Which one of the wrongly matched?

(a) Niacin-Pellagra 

(b) Vitamin-K-Sterility

(c) B1-Beri-beri

(d) None of these

Ans. b

32. Excessive bleeding from an injury is due to deficiency of

(a) vitamin-A

(b) vitamin-B

(c) vitamin-K

(d) vitamin-E  

Ans. c

33. Which is nota source of vitamin-A?

(a) Carrot

(b) Yeast

(c) Mango

(d) Apple  

Ans. b

34. Study of vitamins is called

(a) vitology 

(b) vitaminosis

(c) vitaminology

(d) None of these

Ans. c

35. The vitamin required for the formation and maturation of RBC’s in mammals is  

(a) K

(b) C

(c) B12

(d) B7

Ans. c

36. Which out of these is often called as trace nutrient?

(a) Protein 

(b) Mineral

(c) Vitamin

(d) Carbohydrate

Ans. c

37. What property does vitamin exhibit during the process of cellular respiration?

(a) Enzymes

(b) Coenzymes

(c) Prosthetic group

(d) Cofactor

Ans. b

38. Which is known to be the richest source of vitamin-B12?

(a) Spirullina

(b) Chocolate

(c) Rice

(d) Carrot

Ans. a

39. Richest source of vitamin thiamine is

(a) fish liver oil 

(b) curd

(c) milk

(d) whole wheat bread

Ans. d

40. Antipellagric vitamin is considered to be 

(a) niacin

(b) folic acid

(c) ascorbic acid

(d) choline

Ans. a

Multiple Choice Questions on Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes

41. Of which vitamin out of these, cod liver oil is the richest source?   

(a) Vitamin-A

(b) Vitamin-C

(c) Vitamin-B

(d) Vitamin-K

Ans. a

43. Deficiency of which vitamins fails to impair the phenomenon of clotting of blood?

(a) Vitamin-A

(b) Vitamin-B

(c) Vitamin-D

(d) Vitamin-K

Ans. d

44. Which of the following vitamin is essential for DNA synthesis and cell division?

(a) Vitamin-D

(b) Vitamin-K

(c) Folic acid

(d) Vitamin-B12  

Ans. c

45. Largest variety of digestive enzyme is found in   

(a) omnivore

(b) herbivore

(c) carnivore

(d) parasites

Ans. a

46. Liver necrosis and muscular dystrophy are caused by lack of this trace element

(a) zinc 

(b) molybdenum

(c) arsenic

(d) selenium

Ans. a

47. The malnutrition disease in man is

(a) Cri-du-chat syndrome

(b) Klinefelter syndrome

(c) pot belly syndrome

(d) Edward syndrome

Ans. c

48. Ramu gums often bleed. Which of the vitamin deficiency he may have 

(a) Vitamin-K

(b) Vitamin-C

(c) Vitamin-B12

(d) Vitamin-D

Ans. b

49. The set of three elements included fully in micronutrients

(a) Na, Cu, Mg

(b) Fe, Cu, Zn

(c) Fe, K, Ca

(d) Mn, O, P

Ans. b

50. Deficiency of tocopherol in the human body causes this condition

(a) Scurvy 

(b) Pellagra

(c) Beri-beri

(d) Infertility

Ans. d

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