Multiple Choice Questions on Food Processing | FOOD GRAIN PROCESSING

Multiple Choice Questions on Food Processing | FOOD GRAIN PROCESSING: we are going to cover the questions with answers on the same topic.


1. The highest value of angle of internal friction indicates the material is:

a. Cohesive

b. Easy flowing

c. Normal flowing

d. No indication of flow

Ans. a

2. To separate mustard seed from wheat, the best type of separator is:

a. Indented cylinder separator

b. Specific gravity separator

c. Centrifugal separator

d. Spiral separator

Ans. d

3. The ‘R’ pocket type disc separator is used for:

a. Flat seed from round seed

b. Broken rice from whole rice

c. Stores from grains

d. All of the above

Ans. b

4. Method of conveying granular materials with high speed of air current is called as:

a. Belt conveyor

b. Screw conveyor

c. Pneumatic conveyor

d. Bucket elevator

Ans. c

5. First cleaning operation after threshing is called as:

a. Screening

b. Scalping

c. Washing

d. Grading

Ans. b

6. The inclination of belt conveyor to carry grains is limited to:

a. 10-15

b. 15-17

c. 17-20

d. 20-25

Ans. b

7. Process of conversion of crude oil to edible oil is known as:

a. Purifying

b. Bleachind

c. Refinin

d. Filtering

Ans. c

8. Oil content of shelled groundnut is …….. %:

a. 40-45

b. 45-50

c. 50-55

d. 55-60

Ans. b

9. A separator used to separate grains, based on thin surface texture ad stickness properties of grain is known as:

a. Magnetic separator

b. Spiral separator

c. Cyclone separator

d. Pneumatic separator

Ans. a

10. Oil content in parboiled rice bran is…….. raw rice bran:

a. Very less than

b. Less than

c. Same as

d. More than

Ans. d

Food Technology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

11. Oil content of coconut (copra) is approximately:

a. 36-45%

b. 46-55%

c. 56-65%

d. 66-70%

Ans. d

12. In pulse milling process, mixing with red earth is known as:

a. Dry milllin

b. WWet milling

c. Hardening

d. Pitting

Ans. b

13. Hot pulses are tempered after each pass in tempering bin for about…….. hours:

a. 4

b. 6

c. 8

d. 10

Ans. b

14. Maize oil and gluten has the following percent of protein:

a. 50

b. 55

c. 60

d. 65

Ans. c

15. The major carbohydrate present is rich in:

a. Glucose

b. Fructose

c. Starch

d. Pectin

Ans. c

16. The fibre of rice is the hemicelluloses made up of the:

a. Pentose

b. Arabinose

c. Xylose

d. All

Ans. d

17. The rice protein is richer in:

a. Arginine

b. Lysine

c. Threonine

d. All

Ans. a

18. Lysine and threonine is absent in:

a. Rice

b. Wheat

c. Barley

d. All

Ans. a

19. The polished rice is poor in:

a. Ca and Fe

b. Ca and P

c. P and Fe

d. Fe and Mn

Ans. a

20. The pigments of colored rice are:

a. Anthocyanine

b. Carotenoid

c. Both a and b

d. None

Ans. c

Food Technology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

21. In Indian vegetarian diet, pulses are major sources of:

a. Carbohydrates

b. Protein

c. Vitamin A

d. Vitamin B

Ans. b

22. The per capita availability of oils and fats in India is about:

a. 3k

b. 4kg

c. 5kg

d. 6kg

Ans. c

23. Oil content of soyabean is:

a. 10%

b. 20%

c. 25%

d. 30%

Ans. b

24. Percentage of oil left in cake using hydraulic press comes to:

a. 10-15%

b. 8-10%

c. 7-8%

d. 4-6%

Ans. c

25. In solvent extraction technique, the percentage of oil left in cake is:

a. 2-3%

b. 1.5-2%

c. 1%

d. 0.5%

Ans. c

26. In Rubber Roll Shelter the difference in linear speed between faster and slower roller should be:

a. 2 m/s

b. 3 m/s

c. 4 m/s

d. 5 m/s

Ans. a

27. The vertical cone polisher removes the bran from brown rice based on the principle:

a. Shearing

b. Abrasion

c. Impact

d. Grinding

Ans. b

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28. In size reduction of fine powders, which of the following law is not applicable?

a. Kick’s law

b. Rittinger’s law

c. Bonds law

d. All of the above

Ans. b

29. Stoke’s law is applied when reynold’s number is:

a. Less than two

b. More than two

c. Less than or equal to two

d. Less than 10

Ans. c

30. For size reduction following method is/are used;

a. Cutting

b. Crushng

c. Compression

d. All of the above

Ans. d

31. Parboiling of rice was originated in:

a. Pakistan

b. India

c. Bhutan

d. USA

Ans. b

32. Break rolls and reduction rolls are used in:

a. Rice milling

b. Wheat milling

c. Burr milling

d. Spice grinding

Ans. b

33. Engle berg huller removes………. from paddy:

a. Husk

b. Bran

c. Husk and bran

d. Broen

Ans. c

34. Centrifugal dehusker removes husk from paddy based on:

a. Impact

b. Frictional

c. Shear

d. Abrasion

Ans. c


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